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Processing in the industrial chain refers to the set of processes that transform raw materials into final products, adding value throughout the production chain. Several companies and industrial segments are involved in this type of activity, operating at different stages of the production process. I will address how processing works and list some relevant sectors and companies.

How Processing Works in the Industrial Chain:

Reception of Raw Material:

Companies receive raw or semi-finished raw materials, which can be agricultural, mineral, metallic, textile products, among others.


The raw material goes through specific processes according to the type of processing required. This may include cutting, grinding, separation, melting, heat treatments, among others.


During the processing process, the raw material is transformed into intermediate or final products, often with improved characteristics in terms of quality, utility or commercial value.

Added Value:

The objective is to add value to the product throughout the process, whether by improving its physical, chemical or functional characteristics.

Quality control:

At each stage of processing, it is essential to carry out quality control to ensure that the products meet established standards.

Storage and Distribution:

The processed products are stored and then distributed to customers or to the next stage of the production chain.

Companies and Segments that Work with Processing:

Food industry:

Companies that process food, such as mills, slaughterhouses, slaughterhouses, dairy industries, among others.

Textile industry:

Companies that transform fibers into fabrics, carrying out processes such as dyeing, printing, finishing, among others.

Metallurgical industry:

Companies that process metals, such as foundries, rolling mills, heat treatment companies, among others.

Chemical industry:

Companies that carry out chemical processes to transform raw materials into final chemical products, such as manufacturers of fertilizers, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Mining Industry:

Companies that extract and benefit minerals, carrying out processes such as crushing, grinding, separation and concentration.

Wood Industry:

Companies that process wood, such as sawmills and furniture factories.

Pulp and Paper Industry:

Companies that process cellulose for the production of paper and related products.

Oil and Gas Industry:

Refineries that process oil for the production of fuels and derivatives.

Plastics Industry:

Companies that transform plastic raw materials into final products through processes such as extrusion, injection molding, etc.
These are just a few examples, and beneficiation is a common practice in several industries, playing a key role in creating finished products from raw materials.
Raw coffee lift
Raw coffee lift  [unavailable

Machine code: 780-244

Raw coffee lift.

Coffee roaster.

Speed: 3 bags 60 kg, 2.5 cycles hour,

the firewood

with rotary cooler with heat suction and thermal shock.

Average capacity of 50 tons month.

Roasted coffee silo for 3000 kg.

With hammer mill and ...
Equipment for processing natural or synthetic fibers 150 kg hour
Equipment for processing natural or synthetic fibers 150 kg hour  [unavailable

Machine code: 034-552

Brand: Fairbain Lawsos

Components: Douglas Fraser & Sons, English Eletric

Equipment for processing natural or synthetic fibers.

Brand: Fairbain Lawsos, English.

Year: 1952.

Series: 7044.

In perfect condition.

Face for long, natural or synthetic fibers.

Current production: 150 kg / h.

Cleaning interval ...
Line for shredding, washing and drying plastics
Line for shredding, washing and drying plastics  [unavailable

Machine code: 431-753

Brand: KIE

Line for shredding, washing and drying plastics.

Brand: KIE.

The KIE washer grinds large pieces of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) of all densities.

It then throws the cut material into a tank of water responsible for washing the un...
Packing Machine bean
Packing Machine bean  [unavailable

Machine code: 547-305

Brand: Matisa, Raumak

Packing Machine.

Brand Name: Raumak.

Capacity: 2kg with drawer doser.



Packing Machine....

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