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Savoury automatic machines

Aliment, Bralyx, Granomaq, Incalfer, Indiana, Italvisa, Maqtiva, NKS, Pavan Group, Rheon, Saima, Seewer Rondo, Toresan,
Drip tray/cookie/candy brand Feeder NKS
Drip tray/cookie/candy brand Feeder NKS

Machine code: 363-375

Brand: NKS

Drip tray / Dosing of chocolate.
Mark NKS.
Model: Evolution Mini mix.
New unused.

Parts that come into contact with food in stainless steel.

Features pneumatic system.
Feeder / Bralyx Filling
Feeder / Bralyx Filling

Machine code: 545-705

Brand: Bralyx

Bralyx Conveyor / Dosing Machine.

- Model: DOSALYX.

- Machine built in stainless steel.

- Capacity:

- Dosing: 80 mL to 500 mL

- Capacity of the funnel: 32 liters

- Year: 2012.

- Voltage: 220 V.

- Single phase.

- With pre-de...
Sweet and savory snack
Sweet and savory snack

Machine code: 810-622

Sweet and savory drippings.

Piston drive....
Producer of gnocchi
Producer of gnocchi

Machine code: 130-541

Brand: Bralyx

Continuous producer of gnocchi.
Brand Name: Bralyx.
Model: G1.
All in stainless steel.
Production: 40 Kg/hour.
Produces the traditional gnocchi/flat or scratched.
The Auger feeds the roll.
All parts in contact with the dough are made of...
Pastaia P6 Italvisa
Visualizar Vídeo Pastaia P6 Italvisa

Machine code: 167-180

Brand: Italvisa

Brand Name: Italvisa.
Model: P6.
Year: 2014.
Voltage: 220 V
weight: 100.
Tub capacity: 6 kg.
Power: 0.5 Kva.
Production time: 15 to 20 kg.

dimensions: height: 1300 mm.
width: 410 mm.
length: 600 mm.

Note: machine for fres...
Tubular sprayer
Tubular sprayer

Machine code: 050-061

Tubular sprayer with hood with 3 engine HP.

7.23 Length and diameter of 0.75 m....
Appetizer maker Incalfer
Appetizer maker Incalfer

Machine code: 613-655

Brand: Incalfer

Automatic shaping machine for salting.

Brand: Incalfer.

Model: Formax 5400.

Machine in operation with only 2 and a half years of use, maximum production capacity of 5400 salted per hour of up to 25 grams, the equipment allows to manufacture ...
Blender for 10 kg Maqtiva
Blender for 10 kg Maqtiva

Machine code: 324-678

Brand: Maqtiva

Industrial blender.

Brand: Maqtiva.

Model: MQ 10 I.

To mix and cook pasta and salty fillings.

Production verified in operation: 20 kg up to 30 kg per hour....
Food Moulder Maqtiva
Food Moulder Maqtiva

Machine code: 251-286

Brand: Maqtiva

Food processor.

Brand: Maqtiva.

Model: SR 2.0.

Year: 2015/2016.

To make kitchen, kibbe, croquettes, balls, pillow, rolled of sausage, churros, cheese bread and gnocchi, for salted from 8 g up to 180 g.
Equipment Dimensions: 80 cm x 80...
Snack maker Aliment
Snack maker Aliment

Machine code: 516-035

Brand: Aliment

Salting Molding Machine.

Brand Name: Aliment.

Model: Silver 2.0.

The machine produces 5g salty snacks.

The machine works with 1 filling, however, you can mix ham and cheese, chicken with cream cheese, allowing to vary the filling.

Line for production of popcorn, Hominy and corn chips
Line for production of popcorn, Hominy and corn chips

Machine code: 376-356

Line for production of popcorn, Hominy and corn chips.

-120 kg per hour of Snacks.
-370 kg per hour of sweet/salty.
Still, automated production system.

Possibility to reverse the production of popcorn for Snacks, adding to the...
Ravioleteira and capeleteira
Ravioleteira and capeleteira

Machine code: 656-068

Brand: Toresan

Ravioleteira and capeleteira. k12k * Toresan * Mark.
equipment to cut the dough and fills up the product....
Industrial dryer for pasta manufacturer Saima
Industrial dryer for pasta manufacturer Saima

Machine code: 736-148

Brand: Saima

Pasta dryer
Mark Saima....
Industrial cylinder of dough Pavan Toresani
Industrial cylinder of dough Pavan Toresani

Machine code: 025-437

Brand: Pavan Group

Equipment for compressing the dough.

Forming the sheet into ravioli, Capellini or pastel.

Brand: Pavan Toresani....
Automatic splitter
Automatic splitter

Machine code: 613-635

Brand: Granomaq

Automatic divider.

Brand Granomaq.

Model DA 300.

Capacity of 30 Kg.

Division 30 g to 350 g....
Automatic modular group unified sgau/Rooster Argental
Automatic modular group unified sgau/Rooster Argental

Machine code: 501-413

Automatic modular group unified sgau/Rooster Argental.
aluminium Tray for tubes 248 units....
Croissant line-Seewer Rondo
Croissant line-Seewer Rondo

Machine code: 330-741

Brand: Seewer Rondo

Croissant line-Seewer Rondo brand, SCM50 model....
Hydrothermal pasteurizer
Hydrothermal pasteurizer

Machine code: 723-124

Brand: Indiana

Hydrothermal pasteurizer "Indiana-300".
automatic machine for the hydrothermal treatment of folders stuffed ravioli, cappelletti, tortellini, gnocchi, agnolotti, nests, etc.
with chains and stainless steel mat, on 300 mm, width 3000 mm.
0.18 Kw...
Manufacturing line of chips ' twisted ' type and nachos
Manufacturing line of chips ' twisted ' type and nachos

Machine code: 625-647

Brand: Pavan Group

Set of Pavan lamination.
Produces chips of pirozhok types and nacho.
1 metre wide
composed of stock preparation system fully automated
Two rolling mills * k12k blanket preparation * A stamping with 4 cylinder molding (pirozhok and nacho)
Machines for the manufacture of potato chips
Machines for the manufacture of potato chips

Machine code: 804-358

Striped pellet extruder.

Brand. Ibra 130.

Totally refurbished threaded shirts.

Bacon pellet machines, fried bacon, corn tortilla (nacho cheese), wheat pasta, all refurbished machinery, with new paint blasting, packer, fryer, two pre-drying o...
Line of snacks
Line of snacks

Machine code: 180-473

Line of snacks.

Capacity: 200 kg per hour....
Line for production of soy snacks
Line for production of soy snacks

Machine code: 742-404

Line for production of soy snacks.

Model: S-200 P.






Cereal extrusion line for the production of snacks
Cereal extrusion line for the production of snacks

Machine code: 043-830

Brand: ECOFLAM, Imbra, Schneider

Cereal extrusion line for the production of snacks.
Brand: Inbramaq.
Year: 2000.
Capacity: 200kg per hour.

Vertical mixer of raw materials with conveyor thread.

Extruder with 50 hp motor. reducer

Cestari H-120 reduction 1-5.

Extruder t...
Salted machine
Salted machine

Machine code: 610-284

Brand: Rheon

Rheon machine-pasta extruder savory and sweet, model 110 KN Production: 40 min. parts
products: chicken drumsticks (mini), polka dots, Brigadier and Truffles.
Without electric...

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