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Tablet machine

Main brands:

Almapal, Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Deltec, Dosar Equipamentos, Fellc, Fette, Hogner, J.Bonals, Lawes, Lemaq, Manesty, Neuberger, Riva, Romaco Kilian, Stokes

Tablet machine
A tablet compressor, also known as a tablet compression machine or tablet press, is equipment used in the pharmaceutical, food, supplement, chemical and other industries to manufacture solid tablets from powders or granules. These machines play a key role in the production of medicines, vitamin supplements, pharmaceuticals, sweets, detergents, chemicals and other products in tablet form. Here are the main purposes and functions of a tablet press:

Medicine Manufacturing: The pharmaceutical industry uses tablet presses to manufacture medicines in tablet form, which is one of the most common ways of administering medicines.

Dietary Supplements: Tablets of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and wellness products are manufactured using tablet presses.

Food Industry: In the food industry, machines are used to produce candy tablets, chewing gums, lozenges and similar products.

Chemicals and Detergents: The chemical industry uses tablet presses to manufacture solid chemicals, detergents, cleaning tablets and related products.

Cosmetics: In some cases, the cosmetics industry employs tablet presses to produce effervescent tablets, lozenges, and similar products.

Dose Standardization: Compressors guarantee the standardization of doses in each tablet, which is essential in pharmaceutical products and supplements.

Ease of Administration: Tablets are a common and convenient way of administering active substances, being easily packaged and transported.

Dosage Accuracy: The machines are designed to accurately dose the amount of powder or granulate in each tablet, ensuring correct dosage.

Production Efficiency: Tablet compressors are designed to operate at high speed, allowing for large-scale production.

Space Saving and Storage: Tablets take up less storage space compared to liquids or bulkier dosage forms.

Tablet presses play a crucial role in manufacturing solid tablet-shaped products in various industries. They help ensure dosage consistency, production efficiency and ease of administration, making them an essential component in the production of a wide range of products.

Check out options for tablet compressors for sale:
Rotary compressor for manufacturing tablets Lawes
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary compressor for manufacturing tablets Lawes

Machine code: 868-248

Brand: Lawes

Rotary compressor for manufacturing tablets.

Brand: Lawes.


Number of punctures:

Direct funnel feeding on the plateau (grill)....
Compressor for manufacturing tablets Neuberger
Visualizar Vídeo Compressor for manufacturing tablets Neuberger

Machine code: 201-045

Brand: Neuberger

Compressor for manufacturing tablets.

Brand: Neuberger.

With 16 punctures.

Plateau 293.

Tooling size, check caliper in photo....
Remote Stoks model B2
Visualizar Vídeo Remote Stoks model B2

Machine code: 410-421

Brand: Stokes

Remote Stoks B2 model....
Tablet punch tools
Tablet punch tools

Machine code: 778-061

Brand: Neuberger, Riva

Punches pens for compressors.

In stainless steel.

Dimensions of the photos.

Brand: Neuberger / Riva....
Rotary Medicine Compactor Riva
Rotary Medicine Compactor Riva  [unavailable

Machine code: 586-828

Brand: Riva

Rotary tablet compactor in stainless steel.

Brand Name: Riva.

Model: D 14.

Punctures: 14.

Penetration rate: 1 to 6....
Packing of medicine capsules
Visualizar Vídeo Packing of medicine capsules

Machine code: 457-341

Tablet encapsulator.

With disc set.

Ideal for small production and production of capsule remedies for veterinary industry...
Remedy compactor Neuberger
Remedy compactor Neuberger

Machine code: 586-832

Brand: Neuberger

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger Tools.

Model: MN21.

With funnel in stainless steel.

With 16 punches.
Eccentric compression machine
Eccentric compression machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 815-538

Eccentric, extra large and cabinada compressor machine.

Constructed of cast iron, special brass bushings and steel shafts.

Three-phase reducer motor.

Voltage: 380 V.

With frequency inverter.

Corrugated machine, with structure in stainl...
Rotary tablet compressor Kilian Europa
Rotary tablet compressor Kilian Europa  [unavailable

Machine code: 662-378

Brand: Romaco Kilian

- KILIAN rotary compressor.

- Model: T400 / 55 EU-B.

- Capacity 400,000 tablets / hour.

- Maximum tablet diameter: 19 mm.

- Forced powder feeding system.

- Automatic puncture lubrication system.

- Hydraulic system of pressure contro...
Remote Tablet Machine-New
Remote Tablet Machine-New  [unavailable

Machine code: 274-567

Brand: Stokes

Remote Tablet Machine-New.
Brand: American Stokes.
Model: F
maximum Compression: 4 tons of pressure.
Maximum diameter: 75 mm compact
maximum depth: 11/16.
Compressions per minute: 60-95.
1.5 horsepower per day/1740 rpm with two Shiv bel...
Remote Fette pii 24 stations
Remote Fette pii 24 stations  [unavailable

Machine code: 284-302

Brand: Fette

Fette 24 stations, compressor pii is not included in the machine punches and dies....
Remote rotating tablets Manesty
Remote rotating tablets Manesty  [unavailable

Machine code: 330-251

Brand: Manesty

Remote rotating
tablets State of equipment: used/reviewed
origin: lab. Novartis

Tag: Manesty BB3B * * Model: k12k Manufacturer: Manesty Machines
Process in 1959 it was used: production of tablets melhoral type
child capacity: 3000...
Hydraulic rotary compressor Manesty
Hydraulic rotary compressor Manesty  [unavailable

Machine code: 888-700

Brand: Manesty

Rotary tablet compressor.


with 45 holes in the plateau of 34m / m in diameter.

Brand: Manesty.

Model: Rotapress MK 2....
Compressor machine 16 punches
Compressor machine 16 punches  [unavailable

Machine code: 217-066

Brand: Deltec

Compressor machine 16 punches (reforming and cabining).

Closing in acrylic.

Stainless steel base.

Three-phase voltage 220.

Yield 400 to 3000 tablets w / w.

Function: Manufacture of tablets and tablets....
Neuberger compressor stations
Neuberger compressor stations  [unavailable

Machine code: 512-524

Brand: Neuberger

35 Neoberg compressor stations.
Not included in the machine punches and dies....
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 780-441

Brand: Neuberger

Components: WEG

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger.

Model: MN 20 F.

Stainless steel equipment.

Direct power to the distributor.

With funnel, funnel opening register, funnel dust inspection transparent connection, angle feeder and direct powder...
Rotary medication compressor
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary medication compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 801-823

Brand: Lemaq

Components: Delta

Rotary medication compressor.

Brand: Lemaq.

With two tablet feeding systems.

With a compression outlet.

Number of punches: 27 stations.

Puncture and die size: The measurements are in the photos.

With vacuum cleaner.

Brand: Lemaq....
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 524-540

Brand: Neuberger

Components: Siemens

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger.

Model: MN 43 F.

With 43 compression punches.

Production: 3700 u / min.

Type: Puncture B.

Matrix Type: BB

Maximum compressive strength: 20 TON.

Maximum insert diameter: 11 mm.

Rotary compressor for tablet production Riva
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary compressor for tablet production Riva  [unavailable

Machine code: 736-428

Brand: Riva

Rotary compressor for tablet production.

Brand: Riva.

Series: Precompress I.

Number of Punctures: 33.

In stainless steel, cabin with acrylic protection.

With hopper and paddle powder feeder for compression....
Rotary compressor Lemaq
Rotary compressor Lemaq  [unavailable

Machine code: 534-146

Brand: Lemaq

Cabin rotary compressor.

Brand: Lemaq / Lawes.

With 14 punctures.

With tooling for punches;

Sanitary tablet compressor....
Pharmaceutical granulate dryer Hogner
Pharmaceutical granulate dryer Hogner  [unavailable

Machine code: 768-504

Brand: Almapal, Hogner

Components: Danfoss, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Saia-Burgess, Schneider, Telemecanique

Pharmaceutical drying oven.

Brand: Hogner.

Model: Dryer 8001 E / SP Anti-explosive.

Year: 2009.

Tray dimension: 880 mm x 880 mm x 40 mm (Width x Length x Height).

Width: 980 mm.

Height: 1750.

Depth: 1,000 mm.

Volume: 1715 m³. ...
Compressor rotary press tablets tablets Riva
Compressor rotary press tablets tablets Riva  [unavailable

Machine code: 384-804

Brand: Riva

Compressor rotary press tablets.

Brand Name: Riva.

Model: D-14.

Equipment imported from Argentina.

Machine in excellent condition....
Lemaq tablet compressor
Lemaq tablet compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 817-058

Brand: Lemaq

Pill compressor.

Manufacturer: Lemaq.

Model: Mini express....
Manesty tablet compressor
Manesty tablet compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 164-202

Brand: Dosar Equipamentos, Manesty

Oblong type tablet compressor.

Manufacturer: Manesty.

Type: D punch.

With full game.

Approximate productivity: up to 120 thousand pills per hour.

Dimensions of tablets: from 19 to 20 mm.

Automatic weight control by load cell and CRF...
Lawes rotary tablet press
Lawes rotary tablet press  [unavailable

Machine code: 468-537

Brand: Lawes

Rotary compressor for tablet manufacturing.

Brand: Lawes.

Model: 2000/37.

With 37 punctures.

Dimension: 1000mm x 2050mm x 1200mm.

Voltage: 380V.

With manual closing....
Chicago Pneumatic air compressor
Chicago Pneumatic air compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 687-304

Brand: Chicago Pneumatic

Air compressor.

Brand: Chicago Pneumatic.

Model: DFR 118.

Year: 2011.

Volume: 51 liters.

Supply voltage: 440V.

Operating pressure: 15.30 bar....
Atlas Copco air compressor
Atlas Copco air compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 436-188

Brand: Atlas Copco

Air compressor.

Brand: atlas copco.

Model: ga45 ff.

Year: 2004.

Volume: 30 liters.

Supply voltage: 440v.

Control voltage: 220v....
Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary tablet compressor Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 476-281

Brand: Neuberger

Rotary tablet compressor.

Brand: Neuberger.

Model: MN 2.

Number of punches: 16.

Equipment has undergone a complete retrofit, since then it has not been used in production.

Tool type: B....
Rotary compressor for tablets Neuberger
Rotary compressor for tablets Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 177-145

Brand: Neuberger

Rotary compressor for tablets and sanitary stones.

Brand: Neuberger....
Compressor of compressed remedies Fellc
Compressor of compressed remedies Fellc  [unavailable

Machine code: 034-273

Brand: Fellc

Compressor of compressed remedies.

Brand Name: Fellc.

With 14 punches.

Production: 28,000 u / h.

Plate speed: 45 R.P.M.

Conical rotary granulator.

Brand Name: Fellc.

Model: F-3002.

Frequency inverter speed control.

Maximum ...
Rotary remedy compressor Lawes
Rotary remedy compressor Lawes  [unavailable

Machine code: 062-468

Brand: Lawes

Rotary remedy compressor.

Brand: Lawes.

Model: PSC- 50.

Equipment in stainless steel.

With forced feeding of the product....
Machine compressor of tablets Neuberger
Machine compressor of tablets Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 550-223

Brand: Neuberger

Machine Compressor of tablets.

Type: Monopunção.

Type: Woodpecker.

Brand: Neuberger.

Model: Eccentric Central Media model.

Linear motion compactor with production of 3,000 cycles per hour....
Automatic and semi-automatic eccentric compressor
Automatic and semi-automatic eccentric compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 731-802

Automatic and semi-automatic eccentric compressor compressor (single punch).

Hydraulic and Rotary (various punches)....
Remote compactadora j. Bonals for tablets
Remote compactadora j. Bonals for tablets  [unavailable

Machine code: 317-721

Brand: J.Bonals

Remote J. Bonals.

Model: BR12.

For cubes and soup cubes, cocoa, peanuts, powdered milk, among others.
Current format: 14 mm x 14 mm x 14 mm.

year: 2001.

Capacity: 30,000 tablets per hour or 36,000 cubes per hour.

Range format: ...
Remote Manesty express 20
Remote Manesty express 20  [unavailable

Machine code: 503-033

Brand: Manesty

Remote Manesty express 20....
Remote Stokes 23 seasons
Remote Stokes 23 seasons  [unavailable

Machine code: 402-413

Brand: Stokes

Stokes 23 stations, compressor is not included in the machine punches and dies....
Compressor 2 Fette pii 24 seasons
Compressor 2 Fette pii 24 seasons  [unavailable

Machine code: 168-670

Brand: Fette

Compressor 2 Fette pii 24 seasons.
is not included in the machine punches and dies...
Fette Pii24 compressor stations
Fette Pii24 compressor stations  [unavailable

Machine code: 624-036

Brand: Fette

Fette Pii24 compressor stations.
Not included in the machine punches and dies....
Rotary Compressor Neuberger
Rotary Compressor Neuberger  [unavailable

Machine code: 140-152

Brand: Neuberger

* * Model k12k compressor Neuberger-MN 35
up to 2450 units per minute
approximate weight-1250 Kgs
array Diameter 29 m/m equipped with punches of 15 m/m....
rotating tablets Stokes
rotating tablets Stokes  [unavailable

Machine code: 031-300

Brand: Stokes

Dual compression compressor
equipment: State reviewed
origin: Merck Sharp Domer
Mark: Pennwalt
Stokes model: 610-GTP 2
Manufacturer: Stokes
process in which was used: manufacture of tablets
capacity:/-3300 tablets/min.
dimensions: 130...
Rotary compressor mark Killian
Rotary compressor mark Killian  [unavailable

Machine code: 280-202

Brand: Romaco Kilian

Rotary compressor mark killian.
With 17 holes in the plateau of 45 m/m in diameter for compressed oblong....

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