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Bottle capping machine

Arbras, Dal Pack, Erli, IMSB, KHS, KHSSEDO, Leopard, Mesal, Saumec, Tecman, Tirelli, Wada, Zanasi,

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Complete line for filling liquids Tecman
Complete line for filling liquids Tecman

Machine code: 574-601

Brand: Tecman

Components: Helishun, Norma, OMRON, Siemens, Steck, Voges, WEG

Complete filling line, with bottle lungs, bottle feeder, filling machine, threading machine and output accumulator table.

Brand: Tecman.

Year: 2014.

Stainless steel cabin equipment.

Current formatting (estimate): cylinders with 500 ml.
Rotary screwing machine for bottle Zanasi
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary screwing machine for bottle Zanasi

Machine code: 003-453

Brand: Zanasi

Rotary screwing machine for bottle and jar caps.

Brand: Zanasi.

With 6 mechanical threading arms.

New electronic panel.

Design improvements.

Retrofit equipment....

Machine code: 400-073

Brand: Saumec

Manufacturing line liquid
Manufacturing line liquid  [unavailable

Machine code: 306-327

Brand: Cyklop, Dal Pack, Leopard, Pe Latina Labers

Máquina de embalaje lineal.
3 boquillas con vibrador.
Máquina de roscado y roscado automático.
Cinta de correr automática.

Etiquetadora automática.
Tabla de distribución.

Máquina de embalaje lineal.
6 boquillas con vibrador. ...
Bottle caps for bottling Erli
Bottle caps for bottling Erli  [unavailable

Machine code: 453-156

Brand: Erli

Bottle caps for bottling bottles.

Brand: Erli.

Model: AL.

Year: 2002.

Voltage: 220 V....
Cosmetético filling line Tirelli
Cosmetético filling line Tirelli  [unavailable

Machine code: 164-371

Brand: J.Plus, Tirelli

Complete line for perfume / fragrance

- Liquid Filling Machine from Italy manufacturer by Tirelli.
- Bottle capper / capping machine from Italy manufacturer by Tirelli.
-Filter stainless steel.
-Continuous Flow Stirred-tank Reactor (CSTR) / bac...
Automatic Tampador IMSB
Automatic Tampador IMSB  [unavailable

Machine code: 040-342

Brand: IMSB

Tampador automatic.
Model-TSB 25.6.

Equipment designed for use in process lines where there is a need for automation in the closing of the plastic bottles, glass or metal. Developed to close bottles with various models of c...
Capping machine IMSB
Capping machine IMSB  [unavailable

Machine code: 242-254

Brand: IMSB

Automatic Capper with 6 nozzles.
Manufacturer: IMSB.
Model: TSB 25.06
6 Nozzles.
Measures 40 mm: 1.50 mm x 1.20 mm x 2.30 mm height.
Bondone and thread plastic bottles of 850 ml.
Capacity of 150 bottles per minute.
Weight 1,100 kg.

Filling rosqueadora and Tirelli
Filling rosqueadora and Tirelli  [unavailable

Machine code: 076-087

Brand: Tirelli

Imported Italian bottling line, threading and labelling, consisting of:

-stainless steel pneumatic linear Tirelli Filling with 4 nozzles.
Model: GVJA.

-Rosqueadora stainless steel bottles, flasks for pneumatic Tirelli.
Model: NEBEL 2 t....
Automatic electric Wada
Automatic electric Wada  [unavailable

Machine code: 010-203

Brand: Wada

Automatic electric Wada.
Brand: Wada.
Year: 1980.

Wada industrial Bottle closing Machine
Wada industrial Bottle closing Machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 223-342

Brand: Wada

Industrial bottle close machine.

Equipment in linear system, with servo motors to achieve desired closing torque.

Brand Name: Wada....
Rotary filling machine and capping machine Arbrás
Rotary filling machine and capping machine Arbrás  [unavailable

Machine code: 224-671

Brand: Arbras

Rotary filling machine rinser and capping bottle machine

Complete line for packaging.

Brand: Arbras.

With system of feeding bottles and lids.

Stainless steel.

Machine in acrinilo....
Placing of covers Erli and labeler Krones
Placing of covers Erli and labeler Krones  [unavailable

Machine code: 827-287

Brand: Erli, Krones, Ronchi

Automatic threader.

With 1 arm for threading.

Brand: Erli.

With automatic feeder of weak.

Brand: Ronchi.

Model: Rotomatic High.

Current bottle: 250 ml.

Automatic bottle marking machine.

Brand Name: Krones.

Capacity: 12,000 ...
Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads
Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads  [unavailable

Machine code: 617-628

Brand: KHS

Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads.
KHS Brand.
Production of up to 10,000 per hour....
Bottle threading filling machine Mesal
Bottle threading filling machine Mesal  [unavailable

Machine code: 256-268

Brand: Mesal

Monoblock filler/Rosqueador.
Mark: Mesal.
model: E40-12 g.

production: 19000 bottles/hour
500 ml pet Bottle

applications: mineral water, liquid wax, juices, energy drinks, vegetable oil and other non-carbonated liquids....
Rotary filling machine 6 nozzles Wada
Rotary filling machine 6 nozzles Wada  [unavailable

Machine code: 140-032

Brand: Wada

Rotary filling machine for bottles.

Brand: Wada.

Stainless steel.
KHS ROSQUEADORES  [unavailable

Machine code: 558-005


Two screwdrivers for bottle caps.

Brand: KHS.

A unit with 10 KHS heads.

Second unit with 16 KHS heads.

Stainless steel equipment.

Continuous rotating system for closing bottles....

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