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Bottle capping machine

Main brands:

Arbras, Dal Pack, Erli, Ima, IMSB, Innovar, KHS, KHSSEDO, Leopard, Mesal, Narita, Rodopac, Saumec, Tecman, Tirelli, UNITI, Wada, Zanasi

Bottle capping machine
The bottle cap screwing machine is a machine used in industry to apply screw caps to bottles or jars. This operation is essential in container filling and closing processes, ensuring adequate sealing and the integrity of the stored product. Here is some information about the usefulness and functioning of a cap screwing machine in the industry:


Hermetic Closure:

The screwdriver is designed to ensure an airtight closure, completely sealing the bottle or jar and protecting the contents against contamination, leakage or deterioration.
Process Automation:

Automates the cap application process, increasing production line efficiency compared to manual application.
Sealing Consistency:

Offers consistency in applying the force and torque necessary to screw on the lids, ensuring a uniform seal on all products.

It can be used in a variety of industries, including food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, where secure closure is critical to product quality.
Supply of Bottles and Caps:

Empty bottles or jars are fed into the machine, usually via a conveyor system. Caps are automatically supplied by a feeding mechanism.


Bottles and caps are positioned correctly in the machine to ensure the cap is screwed into place.

The threading process is carried out using threading heads that apply the cap to the bottle. These heads are configured to ensure proper tightening, preventing over-tightening that could damage the cap or bottle.
Torque and Force Adjustments:

The machine allows precise adjustments in the torque and force applied during screwing, adapting to the specific characteristics of the cap and bottle.
Automated Controls:

Generally, threading machines are equipped with automated controls that dynamically monitor and adjust the process to ensure consistency, detect failures and ensure seal quality.
Rejection of Defective Products:

In some cases, machines may be equipped with inspection systems to detect defective bottles or caps and remove these products from the production line.
Integration into the Production Line:

The threading machine is often integrated into a wider production line, coordinating with other equipment such as fillers and labelers to ensure continuous and efficient operation.
In summary, the cap screwing machine plays a crucial role in the industry, ensuring the safe and effective closure of bottles and jars in different sectors. This machine is essential for maintaining the quality and integrity of packaged products.
Rotary screwing machine for bottle Zanasi
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary screwing machine for bottle Zanasi

Machine code: 003-453

Brand: Ima, Zanasi

Rotary screwing machine for bottle and jar caps.

Brand: Zanasi.

With 6 mechanical threading arms.

New electronic panel.

Design improvements.

Retrofit equipment.

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 1800 mm.

Width: 800 mm.

Complete line for filling liquids Tecman
Visualizar Vídeo Complete line for filling liquids Tecman

Machine code: 574-601

Brand: Tecman, Wada, Zanasi

Components: Helishun, Norma, OMRON, Siemens, Steck, THS, Voges, WEG, Weidmuller

Complete filling line, with bottle lungs, bottle feeder, filling machine, threading machine and output accumulator table.

Brand: Tecman.

Year: 2014.

Stainless steel cabin equipment.

Current formatting (estimate): cylinders with 500 ml.
Bottle screw filler with 3 nozzles
Visualizar Vídeo Bottle screw filler with 3 nozzles

Machine code: 413-161

Components: Bonfiglioli, WEG

Automatic filling machine for product and cosmetic bottles.

With 3 volumetric filling pistons.

With 3 screwing arms for bottle caps.

Bottle input conveyor with 3 guides.

Bottle exit conveyor.

It has a motor and conveyor reducer.

Filling line with capsule counter and screw machine
Filling line with capsule counter and screw machine

Machine code: 812-865

Complete filling line for capsules.

Composed by:

- Bottle/pot feeder.

- Capsule counter.
Model: CC-120K.

- Filler and tapper.

- Lid feeder.

- Accumulator table.

- Belt.
Model: ST-6850.

Approximate productivity: up to 3,000 p...
Line for filling liquids, oils and pastes Innovar
Line for filling liquids, oils and pastes Innovar

Machine code: 333-845

Brand: Innovar

Complete stainless steel line for filling liquids, oils and pastes.

Manufacturer: Innovar.

Series/Model: EASX.

Approximate capacity: 2,600 to 3,200 liters/hour.

Year: 2022.

Machine operating for one year. (since October 2022)

Line c...
Stainless steel threading machine with 1 Uniti head 1000 caps / hour
Stainless steel threading machine with 1 Uniti head 1000 caps / hour

Machine code: 447-602

Brand: UNITI

Automatic capper with 1 stainless steel head.

For metal lids / stoppers.

Manufacturer: Uniti.

Model: TAM.

Approximate capacity: up to 1000 covers / hour.

Year: 2021.

Voltage: 220V

With input conveyor, lid accumulator and output c...
Saumec bottle washing and capping machine
Saumec bottle washing and capping machine

Machine code: 400-073

Brand: Saumec

Isobaric filling machine, washer and bottle capper.

Brand: Saumec.

Model: SRAC0802

Approximate capacity: 200 bottles per hour.

Filling range: 300 to 600 ml.

For carbonated products, soft drinks and beers.

For glass bottles and metal...
Manufacturing line liquid
Manufacturing line liquid  [unavailable

Machine code: 306-327

Brand: Cyklop, Dal Pack, Leopard, Pe Latina Labers

Máquina de embalaje lineal.
3 boquillas con vibrador.
Máquina de roscado y roscado automático.
Cinta de correr automática.

Etiquetadora automática.
Tabla de distribución.

Máquina de embalaje lineal.
6 boquillas con vibrador. ...
Linear filling machine with stainless steel threading machine 12 Narita nozzles
Linear filling machine with stainless steel threading machine 12 Narita nozzles  [unavailable

Machine code: 223-483

Brand: Narita

Components: Schneider

Automatic linear filling machine with 12 stainless steel spouts.

With screw capper.

Manufacturer: Narita.

Model: NT 12.

Year: 2011.

Bottle volume: 1 liter to 3 liters.

Approximate productivity: up to 3000 vials / hour.

With gravi...
Bottle caps for bottling Erli
Bottle caps for bottling Erli  [unavailable

Machine code: 453-156

Brand: Erli

Bottle caps for bottling bottles.

Brand: Erli.

Model: AL.

Year: 2002.

Voltage: 220 V....
Automatic Tampador IMSB
Automatic Tampador IMSB  [unavailable

Machine code: 040-342

Brand: IMSB, Rodopac

Tampador automatic.
Model-TSB 25.6.

Equipment designed for use in process lines where there is a need for automation in the closing of the plastic bottles, glass or metal. Developed to close bottles with various models of c...
Capping machine IMSB
Capping machine IMSB  [unavailable

Machine code: 242-254

Brand: IMSB, Rodopac

Automatic Capper with 6 nozzles.
Manufacturer: IMSB.
Model: TSB 25.06
6 Nozzles.
Measures 40 mm: 1.50 mm x 1.20 mm x 2.30 mm height.
Bondone and thread plastic bottles of 850 ml.
Capacity of 150 bottles per minute.
Weight 1,100 kg.

Filling rosqueadora and Tirelli
Filling rosqueadora and Tirelli  [unavailable

Machine code: 076-087

Brand: Tirelli

Imported Italian bottling line, threading and labelling, consisting of:

-stainless steel pneumatic linear Tirelli Filling with 4 nozzles.
Model: GVJA.

-Rosqueadora stainless steel bottles, flasks for pneumatic Tirelli.
Model: NEBEL 2 t....
Automatic electric Wada
Automatic electric Wada  [unavailable

Machine code: 010-203

Brand: Wada

Automatic electric Wada.
Brand: Wada.
Year: 1980.

Gravimetric filling and threading machine IMSB
Visualizar Vídeo Gravimetric filling and threading machine IMSB  [unavailable

Machine code: 137-614

Brand: IMSB, Rodopac

Gravimetric filling and threading machine with 20 nozzles.

Brand: IMSB (São Bento Mechanical Industry).

Model: EGT8 20/05-04.

Voltage: 220 V three-phase.

Year: 2005.

Approximate capacity: up to 6 thousand per hour....
Wada industrial Bottle closing Machine
Wada industrial Bottle closing Machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 223-342

Brand: Wada

Industrial bottle close machine.

Equipment in linear system, with servo motors to achieve desired closing torque.

Brand Name: Wada....
Rotary filling machine and capping machine Arbrás
Rotary filling machine and capping machine Arbrás  [unavailable

Machine code: 224-671

Brand: Arbras

Rotary filling machine rinser and capping bottle machine

Complete line for packaging.

Brand: Arbras.

With system of feeding bottles and lids.

Stainless steel.

Machine in acrinilo....
Placing of covers Erli and labeler Krones
Placing of covers Erli and labeler Krones  [unavailable

Machine code: 827-287

Brand: Erli, Krones, Ronchi

Automatic threader.

With 1 arm for threading.

Brand: Erli.

With automatic feeder of weak.

Brand: Ronchi.

Model: Rotomatic High.

Current bottle: 250 ml.

Automatic bottle marking machine.

Brand Name: Krones.

Capacity: 12,000 ...
Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads
Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads  [unavailable

Machine code: 617-628

Brand: KHS

Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads.
KHS Brand.
Production of up to 10,000 per hour....
Bottle threading filling machine Mesal
Bottle threading filling machine Mesal  [unavailable

Machine code: 256-268

Brand: Mesal

Monoblock filler/Rosqueador.
Mark: Mesal.
model: E40-12 g.

production: 19000 bottles/hour
500 ml pet Bottle

applications: mineral water, liquid wax, juices, energy drinks, vegetable oil and other non-carbonated liquids....
Rotary filling machine 6 nozzles Wada
Rotary filling machine 6 nozzles Wada  [unavailable

Machine code: 140-032

Brand: Wada

Rotary filling machine for bottles.

Brand: Wada.

Stainless steel.
KHS ROSQUEADORES  [unavailable

Machine code: 558-005


Two screwdrivers for bottle caps.

Brand: KHS.

A unit with 10 KHS heads.

Second unit with 16 KHS heads.

Stainless steel equipment.

Continuous rotating system for closing bottles....

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