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, Astembor, Bambury, Blastibras, Makbor, Mastermac, Metalbor, Pilon Máquinas, Prenmar, Primax, RM Máquinas, VEIGABOR

The industrial production and conversion of rubbers and elastomers involves several specific processes and equipment to transform rubber raw materials into finished products. Here are some of the common equipment used in this context:

Internal Mixers:

These are machines used to mix different ingredients in the rubber composition, such as polymers, fillers, plasticizers and other additives. Internal mixers work at high temperatures to ensure a homogeneous mixture.

Roller Mills:

After initial mixing, the rubber composition passes through roller mills to obtain a more uniform consistency and remove impurities. These mills can be used for pre-refining and final refining.


Extruders are machines that push rubber mixture through a die to create specific profiles or shapes. This process is common in the production of profiles, tubes, hoses, among others.


Calenders are used to laminate rubber, creating rubber sheets or films with controlled thickness. These sheets can be used in a variety of applications, such as in the manufacture of conveyor belts.

Vulcanizing Machines:

Vulcanization is a crucial process for improving the physical and chemical properties of rubber. Vulcanizing machines, such as presses and autoclaves, apply controlled heat and pressure to promote cross-linking between rubber molecules.

Injection Molding:

Injection molding is used to produce more complex and specific parts. Rubber is heated and injected into molds to create finished products such as sealing parts, automotive components, among others.

Compression Molding:

In this process, rubber is placed in a closed mold, and pressure and heat are applied to shape the final product. It is a common method for producing medium to large size rubber parts.

Silicone Extruders:

Specifically for silicone elastomers, there are specialized extruders to process this material, producing tubes, hoses and other silicone products.
Measurement and Quality Control Equipment:

Measuring instruments, such as Shore hardness meters, physical and chemical property analyzers, are essential to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Cutting and Finishing Machines:

For molded products, it is common to use cutting and finishing machines to give the final shape and remove excess material.
These are just a few examples of equipment used in the industrial production and conversion of rubbers and elastomers. The exact process may vary depending on the type of elastomer, the desired application, and the specific requirements of the final product.
Stainless steel horizontal pressure vessel
Visualizar Vídeo Stainless steel horizontal pressure vessel

Machine code: 727-153


Stainless steel horizontal pressure vessel.

With thermal insulation and electric heating system.

Literature: 1180 L / 1.18 m³.


Dimensions of the entry: 1000 mm.

Depth: 1500 mm.

Heater resistors: 1200 W.

Regulated safety val...
Extruder for rubber
Extruder for rubber

Machine code: 857-552

Extruder for rubber with reservoir silo.

With extruder thread, motor and head....
Guillotine for cutting rubber RM Máquinas
Guillotine for cutting rubber RM Máquinas  [unavailable

Machine code: 544-076

Brand: RM Máquinas

Guillotine for cutting rubber.

Brand Name: RM Machines.

Hydraulic guillotine.


Cutting table: 600 mm....
Set of machines to work with rubber
Set of machines to work with rubber  [unavailable

Machine code: 028-802

Brand: Blastibras, Makbor, Metalbor, Prenmar, Primax

Set of machines to work with.
Composed by:

-mixer for rubber.
Brand: Beautiful.
Dimensions: 700 mm.
-Extruder for rubber.
Brand: Copé.
Model: EQ90.
-circulating air oven for curing silicone and viton parts.
Brand Nam...
Presses for vulcanizing Astembor
Presses for vulcanizing Astembor  [unavailable

Machine code: 668-160

Brand: Astembor

Components: Atos

Presses for Vulcanizing
working pressure bar 120
500 x 500 mm Plateau
Go to gap between plateaus 110 mm
Operation on both sides with aperture of the array table
Programming manual from time and degaseification via CLP-Acts...
Drum transfer pump
Drum transfer pump  [unavailable

Machine code: 337-107

Drum pump controlled by hydraulic piston.

For pumping viscous products from drums, e.g. silicone, sealants, chemicals or products that are difficult to remove from the drum.

With hydraulic unit....
Hydraulic press for elastomer vulcanization Mastermac
Visualizar Vídeo Hydraulic press for elastomer vulcanization Mastermac  [unavailable

Machine code: 415-317

Brand: Mastermac

Components: Argo Hytos, Coel, Eaton, HDA, Hydac, Hydraulic Systems, Metal Work, Tecfil, WEG, Xstart

Hydraulic press for elastomer vulcanization.

Brand: Mastermac.

Quantity: 3 units with presses, hydraulic system and accessories.


Models: PHTE 500/30.

Manufacturing number: 09121014.

Year: 2010.

Plateaus: 50 x 50 x...
Sigma mixer for 1.000 L Pilon Máquinas
Sigma mixer for 1.000 L Pilon Máquinas  [unavailable

Machine code: 134-148

Brand: Pilon Máquinas

Mixer of sigma masses.

Brand: Pilon Machines.

Capacity: 1.000 L, 750 KG.

Stainless steel shaft.

With tipping for expulsion of the product.

Receptive jacket....
Rubber mixer Bambury AML-25
Rubber mixer Bambury AML-25  [unavailable

Machine code: 104-210

Brand: Bambury

Rubber mixer.

Brand: Bambury.

Model: AML - 25.

With internal rotors....
Rubber column press
Visualizar Vídeo Rubber column press  [unavailable

Machine code: 338-631

Column press for rubber vulcanization.

Plate: 330x330 mm.

Piston: 200 mm.

2 spans of 170 mm.


Engine: WEG 5CV....
Thermal hydraulic presses for rubber
Thermal hydraulic presses for rubber  [unavailable

Machine code: 643-802

2 thermal hydraulic presses for rubber
3 500 x 500 3 Dishes go 2 1/2 column 250 mm piston resistance heating
3 500 x 400 3 Dishes go 2 column "150 mm piston oil heating
500 mm Working Area (both)...
Bambury Cope AML 25
Bambury Cope AML 25  [unavailable

Machine code: 438-212

Bambury Cope AML 25.
Engine: 100 HP.
opening pneumatic valve.
4 mixer wings.
Automated switchboard.
In great condition.
Year: 1980....

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