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Sheet metal bending machines

Baykal Machinery, Calvi, Cincinnati, Fobesa, Gasparini, Jordan, Newton,

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Folding plates of approximately 2,5 m
Folding plates of approximately 2,5 m  [unavailable

Machine code: 883-805

Folding plates of approximately 2,5 m....
Balanced plate bender Gasparini
Balanced plate bender Gasparini  [unavailable

Machine code: 678-175

Brand: Gasparini

Gasparini balanced plate bender.

CNC sheet bending.

Brand: Gasparini.

Model: G-BEND 120 T.

CNC: ESA S560 Touch 6 axes.

450 mm mouth opening.

Pumping system at the base of the die for bending arrow correction.

Punch and die jaws b...
Turns to 3 meters Calvi
Turns to 3 meters Calvi  [unavailable

Machine code: 446-376

Brand: Calvi

Turns to 3 meters by 1/4.

Brand: Calvi....
Hydraulic turning
Hydraulic turning  [unavailable

Machine code: 156-775

Hydraulic turning.

For 1/2 by 6 meters.

Capacity: 200 tons.

Machine needs overhaul....
Sheet metal bending machine Jordan
Sheet metal bending machine Jordan  [unavailable

Machine code: 588-677

Brand: Jordan

Sheet metal bending machine.

Brand: Jordan.

Equipment great state of conservation.

Capacity: 3.000 x 1/4 ".

Voltage: 380 V.

Model: 2007....
Mechanical bending press 100 ton Newton
Mechanical bending press 100 ton Newton  [unavailable

Machine code: 826-428

Brand: Newton

Mechanical bending press.

Brand: Newton.

Model: PDM 100 - 125 x 3050 mm.

Year: 1988.

Folding capacity: 6.35 mm.

For folding plates in carbon steel and stainless steel....
Folding Press Cincinnati
Folding Press Cincinnati  [unavailable

Machine code: 107-640

Brand: Cincinnati

Folding press.

Brand Name: Cincinnati.

Model: AF135.

The equipment was part of a stove production line....
Metal bender for 3 m for 1/4 FOBESA
Metal bender for 3 m for 1/4 FOBESA  [unavailable

Machine code: 767-812

Brand: Fobesa

Folding machine for 3 m for 1/4.

Brand: Fobesa.

Model: PVP 3000.

Capacity: 100 tons.

For plates up to 3 m and 6.35 mm thick....
Hydraulic Folding Machine
Hydraulic Folding Machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 034-407

Hydraulic folding machine.

For boring bar up to 19 mm.

Hydraulic unit with manual control....
Baykal Government machine
Baykal Government machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 308-473

Brand: Baykal Machinery

Baykal Government machine.

Type: x 60-3108 Aphs 15 km-380 v.

pressure Capacity: 160 Tons.

4 CNC axes.

Opening apron: 400 m/m

year: 2013.

Weight: 10 Tons.

Stroke: 260 mm.

Motor: 15 kw.

Voltage: 400 V

oil capacit...
Newton Folding
Newton Folding  [unavailable

Machine code: 400-607

Brand: Newton

Newton Folding.

PSH: 17540 model.

Year: 2010.

Capacity: 175 tons.

Maximum length of bending: 8000 mm.

electric Voltage: 220 V-80 Hz.

installed power: 19 Kva....
Bending machine Newton
Bending machine Newton  [unavailable

Machine code: 120-521

Brand: Newton

Bending machine.

Brand: Newton.

Model: PSH 7030.

Year: 2012.

CNC graphic.

4 axes.

Measure 1/8 x 3000 mm....
Folding machine Newton
Folding machine Newton  [unavailable

Machine code: 170-100

Brand: Newton

Folding machine.

Brand: Newton.

Model: PSH 450/60.

Year: 2006.

3 Axes.

CNC Cibelek.

Weight: 56 tons....
Newton Folding Newton
Newton Folding Newton  [unavailable

Machine code: 516-528

Brand: Newton

Folding machine.

Brand: Newton.

Capacity: 70 tons.

Measurement: 3/16 x 3000 mm....
Sheet metal bending machine Cimasp
Sheet metal bending machine Cimasp  [unavailable

Machine code: 006-114

Folding machine for metal sheets.

Brand: Cimasp.

Year: 2012.

Model does not exist a specific model.

Bucket side bender in sheet metal up to 1/4 '' inch,
adjust with jig change.

On the 3/16 '' plate the length can be up to 6 meters.

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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