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Lines for the production of paper

Induset, Kolbus, MaqForms, Simutech, Tigrefios,

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Paper cutter and unwinders line
Visualizar Vídeo Paper cutter and unwinders line

Machine code: 853-318

Paper cutter and unwinders line.

Line for converting paper.

Composed by:

Paper cutter.

Brand: Clark.

Width: 2,100 mm.

With 4 unwinders.

Rotational and transversal longitudinal sections.

Scales conveyor.

Automatic paper stac...
Paper cutter and rewinder
Visualizar Vídeo Paper cutter and rewinder

Machine code: 017-683

Paper cutter and rewinder.

Working width = 1000 mm.

Voltage = 380V.

Frequency inverter under warranty.

10 knives and counter knives....
Paper Coating Machine Simutech CLC 7000
Paper Coating Machine Simutech CLC 7000

Machine code: 410-706

Brand: Simutech

Paper Coating Machine.

For treatment of paper surfaces.

Brand Name: Simutech.

Model: CLC 7000.

Year: 2008....
Paper rewinder for 10 tons
Paper rewinder for 10 tons

Machine code: 027-683

Paper rewinder.

Capacity for 10 tons.

Cut kraft paper into coils.

Knives regulating tangents.

Cut coils up to 1.60 mm.

Year: 2016.

With speed control.

With panel....
Complete line for form printing
Complete line for form printing

Machine code: 082-657

Brand: Induset, MaqForms, Tigrefios

Complete line for form printing.

Composed by:

Two color printer (two color).

- Brand: Induset.

- Year: 2010.

- Voltage (220V).

- With numbering system.

- With system of numbering maximum size paper input and printing maximum pape...
Line for production of paper type matadora
Line for production of paper type matadora

Machine code: 525-888

Machines for making matador-type paper.

- For paper bags sp2 from 12 kg to 15 kg with two colors.

- Semi new equipment with only 1 year of operation.

- The machine has input for a coil, a set of brakes with shoes, electro pneumatic counting ...
Line for manufacturing or complete conversion of paper
Line for manufacturing or complete conversion of paper

Machine code: 676-427

Line for manufacturing or complete conversion of paper.
Composed by:
-Rewinder with 2.50 m wide free (that is, you can work with reels in length).
-gofrador roller (for manufacture of rolls with auto-relevo) and tear off roll (toi...
Complete line for papermaking semi kraft and Fluting
Complete line for papermaking semi kraft and Fluting

Machine code: 262-284

Complete set for production/manufacture of paper and paper kraft semi kernels.
Capacity: 80 g to 180 g/m ².

Technical data:
Width (face) of the machine: 1.60 m.
Width: 1.30 m.
6-drying cylinders (being 4 drying cylinders made from cast ir...
Hardcover binding line
Hardcover binding line

Machine code: 548-766

Brand: Kolbus

Hardcover binding line.
Kolbus Brand.
Model: Compact Copilot 2000.
Composed by:
-glue Unit guards with automatic document feeder back thickness 6 mm minimum and maximum of 78 mm, length 120 mm minimum and maximum and 320 mm.
-locking unit o...
Machine/Brown Cardboard/cardboard factory gray
Visualizar Vídeo Machine/Brown Cardboard/cardboard factory gray

Machine code: 500-762

Complete machine.
NRO 25 production-2.500 g/m ² the NRO 100-0.625 g/m ²
Manufactures 0.98 m plates x 1.26 m and/or 0.80 m x 1.00 m

Equipment ratio:
forming machine (cylindrical) useful width 1.20 m, 2 (two) hidrapulperes, pumps, pressure pu...

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