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silkscreen Machines brand Larese
Visualizar Vídeo silkscreen Machines brand Larese

Machine code: 226-628

Brand: Larese

2 screen printing machines.

Brand: Larese.


1.45 height x 1.50 width x 1.75 length....
Coding of cartridges
Coding of cartridges

Machine code: 363-013

Coding of cartridges....
Horizontal Encartuchadeira Promaler
Horizontal Encartuchadeira Promaler  [unavailable

Machine code: 343-745

Brand: Promaler

Horizontal carton.

Brand: Promaler.

Model EHI-S.

Year 2010.

Conveyor for packaging.

View pane.

Electric panel.


Speed 60 cards per minute....
Automatic capeiro with crease and hotmelt
Automatic capeiro with crease and hotmelt

Machine code: 337-071

Automatic capeiro with crease and hotmelt.

Speed: 1200 cycles per hour.

Square spine book.

Year: 2005.

Radial autobinder 4 drawers....
Rotogravure for cylinders 8 colors Guowei
Rotogravure for cylinders 8 colors Guowei  [unavailable

Machine code: 230-156

Brand: Guowei

Rotogravure for cylinders without axle 1,000 MM, 50 cylinders without axle.

Brand: Chinese Guowei.

Production: 300 m / minute.

Year: 2006.

Rotogravure printing with up to 8 colors, has electronic registration and automatic exchange of vid...
Packaging Printing Machine ASL
Packaging Printing Machine ASL  [unavailable

Machine code: 656-642

Brand: ASL

Packaging printing machine.

For food roles.

Speed: 160 u / m current format.

Paper Size: 60 mm x 100 mm 480 x 580 mm.

Packing size: 4000 mm x 15000 mm x 2200 mm.

CEM 600 weight 2,000 kg....
Line for production of paper type matadora
Line for production of paper type matadora  [unavailable

Machine code: 525-888

Machines for making matador-type paper.

- For paper bags sp2 from 12 kg to 15 kg with two colors.

- Semi new equipment with only 1 year of operation.

- The machine has input for a coil, a set of brakes with shoes, electro pneumatic counting ...
Trilateral cutter and stapler McCain
Trilateral cutter and stapler McCain

Machine code: 776-085

Brand: Mccain

Litter and Stapler

Cut: Trilateral.

Mark: McCain 2000.

06 Stapler Stations.

02 Horses

Manufacturer: McCain.

Speed: 9,000 per hour.

Machine stopped four years ago....
Two-color rotary printer
Two-color rotary printer  [unavailable

Machine code: 728-547

Bicolor rotary printer.

With two castles and complete folder.

For bicolor offset printing.

Speed: 23,000 per hour.

Machine was operating until 2013....
Clapper Machine Grafictron
Clapper Machine Grafictron  [unavailable

Machine code: 642-872

Brand: Grafctron

- Cliché coladeira machine.

- Year: 2011.

- Machine was operating....
Central drum flexographic printer Thunder Comand
Central drum flexographic printer Thunder Comand  [unavailable

Machine code: 560-001

Brand: Thunder Comat

- Central drum flexographic printer.

- Brand: Thunder Command.

- Equipment for the printing of films....
Bicolor Offset Printer KBA
Bicolor Offset Printer KBA  [unavailable

Machine code: 440-202

Brand: KBA

Bicolor Offset Printer.

Brand: KBA.

Year: 1996....
Heidelberg Speedmaster Printer
Heidelberg Speedmaster Printer  [unavailable

Machine code: 145-685

Brand: Heidelberg

Heidelberg Speedmaster Printer.
Model: SM74/6 p.
Format: 52 x 74.
Year: 1996....
Otiam semi-automatic screen printing Print
Otiam semi-automatic screen printing Print  [unavailable

Machine code: 382-500

Brand: Otiam Print

Semi-automatic screen printing.
Brand Name: Otiam Print.
Print measures: 70 cm x 90 cm....
Flexo printer
Flexo printer  [unavailable

Machine code: 563-075

3 colors flexo printer.
Format: 120 mm.

2 colours flexo Printer.
Format: 70 mm....
Flexographic Innas FX500
Flexographic Innas FX500  [unavailable

Machine code: 755-766

Brand: Innas

Model: FX500.
For printing of paper paranã microwave b.
Prints per hour: 3,000 pieces.
Print width: 500 mm.
Width: 600 mm.
print length: 825 mm....
1 color offset printer.
1 color offset printer.

Machine code: 560-677

Brand: Mercedes

1 color offset printer.
brand name: Mercedes.
Measurements: 38 x 56 cm cn
working perfectly....
Offset  [unavailable

Machine code: 203-204

Brand: Omso

4 colors.
O.M.S.O. Manufacturer...
Silkscreen Serigraph
Silkscreen Serigraph  [unavailable

Machine code: 603-811

Brand: Serigraph

Silkscreen Serigraph.
4 color varnish.
Dimensions: 7.75 meters x 2.40 metres x 1.45 meters....
Embossing line flask with 2 long heads
Visualizar Vídeo Embossing line flask with 2 long heads  [unavailable

Machine code: 810-831

Embossing line flask with 2 long heads.
Production per hour: 1,000 to 1,250 balloons. (latex bladder size 9)
Pneumatic operating system required 60 feet for compressor operation.
Simple line handling, low maintenance....
Hardcover binding line
Hardcover binding line  [unavailable

Machine code: 548-766

Brand: Kolbus

Hardcover binding line.
Kolbus Brand.
Model: Compact Copilot 2000.
Composed by:
-glue Unit guards with automatic document feeder back thickness 6 mm minimum and maximum of 78 mm, length 120 mm minimum and maximum and 320 mm.
-locking unit o...
Form machine keep Harris
Form machine keep Harris  [unavailable

Machine code: 456-858

Brand: Harris

Form machine keep Harris.
Model: 01....
A4 format paper wrapping machine
A4 format paper wrapping machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 538-646

Brand: Pemcomatic

A4 format paper package.
Brand name: Pemcomatic
model: PEMCO 66.
Approximate capacity of 46 tonnes per day....
Gravure printers of 4 colors and rewinders cutters.
Gravure printers of 4 colors and rewinders cutters.  [unavailable

Machine code: 066-377

Brand: Tecmapack, Thunder Comat, Transplast

Gravure printers of 4 colors and rewinders cutters.
Printers Thunder Comat.
Tecmapack rewinders
the production depends on the material, aluminum around 20 tons per month in a turn.
Year: 2 2006 and 1 2000 and another 1980.
In good condition...
Graphics C type mechanical press
Graphics C type mechanical press  [unavailable

Machine code: 100-307

Mechanical press type C graphics
capacity: 160 tons.
Clutch: Set friction conjugate (clutch/brake).
Safety valve category v.
an adequate Machine NR-12.
Year acquired: 2008....
Pharmaceutical rotogravure line
Pharmaceutical rotogravure line  [unavailable

Machine code: 033-054

The package consists of the following machines:
2 gravure printers with four-color and width of 700 mm mod thunder.
2 Rewinders / cutting machines of 1200 mm width, with the support cylinder and the other permaco type.
1 Exhaust odors with activat...
Hardcover Crathern Casemaker maker
Visualizar Vídeo Hardcover Crathern Casemaker maker  [unavailable

Machine code: 070-381

Brand: Crathern

Hardcover Crathern Casemaker maker (model No. RFC 11, serial No. RCM 31, 1996).
Hardcover in general cover to cover books agendas.
Crathern's differential use of Casemaker materials in bobbin. What makes the nominal speed of 123 covers/Min
in a...
Mccain Stitcher stapler alceadeira 1500 (with 4 stations)
Mccain Stitcher stapler alceadeira 1500 (with 4 stations)  [unavailable

Machine code: 366-778

Brand: Mccain

Mccain Stitcher stapler alceadeira 1500 (with 4 stations).
Model: 1500.
Manufacturer: Mccain.
Year of manufacture: 1976.
Staple gun 14 152 mm books course the 336 mm.
stroke 20 Stapler 337 mm books to 495 mm.
top speed: 10,000/hour-scale ...
Line to customize flask with 2 heads
Visualizar Vídeo Line to customize flask with 2 heads  [unavailable

Machine code: 330-742

Line to customize flask with 2 heads.
length: 2,800 mm.
width: 1,200 mm.
height: 1,700 mm.
production of 700 to 900 balloons (balloons latex 9:00 pm size) per hour.
Pneumatic operating system.
Simple machine handling, low maint...
Automatic cartridge Carimbadora-N
Automatic cartridge Carimbadora-N  [unavailable

Machine code: 622-034

Brand: G.C.Neto

Automatic Carimbadora cartridge.
Mark G.C. grandson of countertop....
Processing for continuous forms NPRC 400
Processing for continuous forms NPRC 400

Machine code: 362-384

Brand: Nacbras

Processing for continuous forms NPRC 400.
Nacbras brand.
Equipment with versatile with the possibility to produce Adhesive Labels....
OFFSET Multilith Printer
OFFSET Multilith Printer

Machine code: 567-580

Brand: Multilith

Printer OFFSET Multilith.
Model 1850 - Mono....
OFFSET printer for forms and PPI-167-II labels
OFFSET printer for forms and PPI-167-II labels  [unavailable

Machine code: 821-843

Brand: Nacbras

OFFSET printer for forms and PPI-167-II labels.
Nacbras brand.
Width 375 mm - Bicolor....
Flexographic printer
Flexographic printer  [unavailable

Machine code: 542-054

Brand: Etirama

flexographic printer.
Etirama brand.
Width 160mm - 03 colors.
Accompanies several knives and cliche door....
Special machine for carton Aurélia
Special machine for carton Aurélia  [unavailable

Machine code: 546-754

Brand: Aurélia

Aurelia 92 Bicolor conventional wet.
special machine for carton.

special machine for pizza box.
Aurelia 252 Bicolor alcohol.

special Machine for pizza box and flyers.
Aurelia 500 4 colors....
Laminaçao machine/total coverings
Laminaçao machine/total coverings

Machine code: 463-475

Brand: Dae Kwang Machiery

Area of 14 m x 3 m
Mark: DAE HA South coreada.
output: up to 100 m/min.
year: 2009.
model: Coating Machine 1000 mm.
Great condition
roller Paint polyester films.
Possible intercambiação to meet k12k * * Graphics Used in packaging and gr...
Tipografica printer Offset KBA
Tipografica printer Offset KBA  [unavailable

Machine code: 761-772

Brand: KBA

Offset printer.

Brand: KBA.

72K - Two color.

Year: 1996.

Paper size 52 x 72....
Curator/Dryer/UV Printer
Curator/Dryer/UV Printer

Machine code: 402-423

Brand: Bally

Curator/dryer UV-Bally.
4.6 meters long and 1 meter wide.
silkscreen Printer automatic, semi-automatic and manual IMA.
Measuring 600 mm x 800 mm....
Graphic machinery
Graphic machinery

Machine code: 610-621

Brand: Catu, Heidelberg, Ribran, Sakurai, Wohlenberg

Off-set printer Sakurai Oliver 272-Bicolor.
Off-set Printer 46 Heidelberg-Mono.
76 Wohlenberg Guillotine mouth.
Cut Crease Tompson F3.
typographic Machine 380.
Catu Plater Ribra. Serrilhadeira .
Stapler Miruna Kotronicy Label....
Hot-melt Adhesive feeder and PUR
Hot-melt Adhesive feeder and PUR

Machine code: 782-604

Brand: FR Tecnologia Industrial

Hot-melt Adhesive feeder and PUR .

Brand: FR Tecnologia Industrial.

-this system is to be engaged in square spine equipment for the graphic segment, and adhesive application equipment, food, cosmetic, footwear among others.
-specific Equipmen...
Devilbiss brand paint equipment
Devilbiss brand paint equipment  [unavailable

Machine code: 180-601

Brand: DeVilbiss

Devilbiss brand paint equipment....
Two-color printer Printer Reinker
Two-color printer Printer Reinker

Machine code: 881-803

Brand: Reinker Printer

Two-color printer Printer Reinker...
Set of graphic machines
Set of graphic machines

Machine code: 653-675

Brand: A.Baumhak, Hamada

-Printer Hamada E47S bicolor 47 x 32.5 format
-a drill with a drill
-Label half-leaf plate CTP Plate 3000
Writer-Fiber folding machine
-cast plate recorder Machine el 24-b
-bend Baumhak
... Stapler treadle industrial
table Stapler-Gu...
4 color printer Hamada B4 52A
4 color printer Hamada B4 52A  [unavailable

Machine code: 543-045

Brand: Hamada

Hamada printer 4 colors * 52A k12k B4 * maximum size 520 x 360 mm paper
minimum size 257 x 182 mm paper
With 140 x 100 mm option
126 Numerator Two water roller gears...
Machines for the printing industry
Machines for the printing industry  [unavailable

Machine code: 180-101

Brand: Catu

Silkscreen printer LARESE semi-automatic vacuum 90 x 74 format (2)
silkscreen Printer format 77 x 57 CM LARESE (1)
silkscreen Printer manual LARESE c/drawer (3)
steel stand for c/50 labels drying trays (9)
steel stand p/c/40 labels drying tra...
Cardboard mark Sheeter Strachan Henshaw
Cardboard mark Sheeter Strachan Henshaw

Machine code: 000-411

Brand: Strachan

Cardboard mark Sheeter Strachan Henshaw
Morrow II labeling machine
Morrow II labeling machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 885-807

Brand: Ibirama

Morrow II labeling machine, in great condition, for printing of adhesive labels and fabric with cutting station and device for printing hot stamping, with drying kiln and ramalina.
speed of 8000 prints per hour....
Serigrafica Dubuit Adisca
Serigrafica Dubuit Adisca  [unavailable

Machine code: 073-085

Brand: Dubuit

Automatic screen printing machine
brand name: Dubuit
Adisca for CD, DVD, Smart, etc.
production of up to 400 objects/Hour in 4 colors
With Uv Drying...
Graphic Industry Heidelberg
Graphic Industry Heidelberg  [unavailable

Machine code: 311-183

Brand: Heidelberg

Graphic Machinery.

Brand: Heidelberg.

Model: XL 105-6 + LX.
Year: 2008....
Troqueladora 2 - Blumer El ATLAS D-18.M
Troqueladora 2 - Blumer El ATLAS D-18.M  [unavailable

Machine code: 870-444

Brand: Blumer

Troqueladora 2-Blumer

Use: graphical Industry this machine, stamps, packaging and does final finishing in labels, with different types of patterns and formats.

Ideal for beer labels. Machine in excellent condition, semi new, very little use. ...
Machine semi kraft paper
Visualizar Vídeo Machine semi kraft paper  [unavailable

Machine code: 225-660

Machine semi kraft paper....
Original silkscreen machine Dubuit
Original silkscreen machine Dubuit  [unavailable

Machine code: 104-844

Brand: Dubuit

Original silkscreen machine DUBUIT
60 automatic Model year 98 of 1 color without registration
With simple barrilite produces 3500 parts/hour and with the powder keg 7000 peãs/time produces double with conventional drying
this machine Dubuit Ori...
Graphic  machine Adast
Graphic machine Adast

Machine code: 600-772

Brand: Adast

Mark adast 724p bicolor
Year 1990...
Race table for screen printing
Race table for screen printing  [unavailable

Machine code: 510-400

Table race to screen printing, 18 m, reinforced structure...
Offset printer Planet Polygraph
Offset printer Planet Polygraph

Machine code: 583-071

Brand: Planeta Polygraph

Offset printer.


Area paragraph.

0.85 x 1.12 card.

Brand: Planet Polygraph.

Model: PEO 5-1....
Graphical machinery
Graphical machinery  [unavailable

Machine code: 884-472

The package is composed of the following machines:
-2 rotogravure printers with four colors and width of 700 mm thunder mod.
-2 Rewinders/1200 mm cutting width, a support and other cylinder type Permaco.
-1 Exhaust odors with activated carbon f...
Graphics Machine
Graphics Machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 608-752

Brand: Nacbras

Set-continuous form in excellent condition:
rotating machine of continuous form: tag-Nacbras, Bicolor, IFC-400 C Model Year 2002-in excellent condition with all tapes 2/0
form: Nacbras Brand Great, 167-Model Year 2000-6 5 carbon Paper routes...
Digital flat Bed with UV stabilizer and ONIX software
Digital flat Bed with UV stabilizer and ONIX software  [unavailable

Machine code: 501-570

Components: ONIX

Digital flat Bed UV printer
equipment in perfect condition, a few hours of use.
production of up to 40 m ²/h
maintenance and operation always with original parts and paints made with AGFA
main features:
-printing Area 1200 x 2400 mm
-24 S...
Pad printing
Pad printing  [unavailable

Machine code: 045-820

Brand: Oscar Flues

Pad printing
Are 2 machines as described below
* 1 CP 200 JR C PROG.
heads With productive capacity: 15000 bottles/day
year: 2010
Manufacturer: Oscar Flues
* 1 CP 90 JRC PROG
head 1 production capacity: 15000 bottles/day
Label Flexo Printer Walmak
Label Flexo Printer Walmak  [unavailable

Machine code: 100-363

Brand: Walmak

Label flexo printer Walmak, 4 colors with cutter drum, door cylinders 45 cliché, drying kiln, which with brake and dual rewind, maxima 720 mm printing width....
Laminator  [unavailable

Machine code: 312-880

Brand: ASMR

ASMR brand laminator machine, model PL 80, 1x38 reducer, year of manufacture 2007, motor 2 HP. 8, 5KWA resistance machine has paper shredder device....
Semi automatic 100 x 1200 printer
Semi automatic 100 x 1200 printer

Machine code: 086-258

Semi automatic printer 100 x 100 x 1200/1800  ...
Metal Halogen light source
Metal Halogen light source  [unavailable

Machine code: 544-036

Metal Halogen light source for revelation of array, with 5000wts
general features:
Metal Halogen Lamp
automatic cooling system
Shutter light exposure control
digital watch for exposure time
high/low power lamp protection

adjustable Of...
Curator for UV Drying
Curator for UV Drying

Machine code: 428-788

Curator for UV drying Curator for UV ink in printing to vinyl self-adhesive serigrafica, polystyrene, polyethylene and other substrates.   ...
Rotary machine Print Fabrics
Rotary machine Print Fabrics  [unavailable

Machine code: 507-750

A rotary machine print fabrics combined with personal cabecotes comacionamento frame pormicroprocessadores controlled, complete, make and model COUSIN-and com12 stations, 10 colors, with a hair dryer equipped with its 220 volt motor, three, 16 amp, 6...
Alceadeira NacBras
Alceadeira NacBras  [unavailable

Machine code: 660-310

Brand: Nacbras

Alceadeira NacBras-Continuous Form Mod. INT 167-Year 1997 Merges up to 6 channels  ...
Printer  [unavailable

Machine code: 822-300

Brand: Stork

1, 60 m WIDTH * 4 k12k * 2 * k12k RESERVES WORKING PUMPS * 2 MIXERS (SCOUTS of folder)

Tampográfica recording
Tampográfica recording

Machine code: 738-257

Tampográfica recording...
Embossing line five balloon heads
Visualizar Vídeo Embossing line five balloon heads  [unavailable

Machine code: 318-710

Balloon imprint line five heads.
-length: 6,000 mm.
-width: 1,200 mm.
-height: 1,700 mm.
Production per hour: 1,100 to 1,300 balloons-LaTeX Bladder size 09 (nine).
Pneumatic operating system.
Necessary 60 feet for compressor o...
Packager Reams Wrapmatic
Packager Reams Wrapmatic  [unavailable

Machine code: 232-440

Brand: Wrapmatic

Machine: GRV/With feeder.
Brand: Wrapmatic.
Volt: 380/60 Hz.
Year: 1988.
Minimum format: 530 mm x 420 mm.
format Max: 1400 mm x 1000 mm.
minimum height: 80 mm ream
maximum weight: 40 Kg ream
minimum weight: 6 Kg ream
packing materia...

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