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Machine code: 774-846

Brand: Indumec

Glue runner for manufacturing pressed wood.

Brand: Indumec.

Roll dimensions: 1.70 m....
Bordered MDF and MDP edges Inmes
Bordered MDF and MDP edges Inmes  [unavailable

Machine code: 078-822

Brand: Inmes

Bordered MDF and MDP edges.

Brand: Inmes.

Model: IC 2003.

Year: 2012.

Glue, refill and polish....
Edge collars for MDF and MDP Tecmatic
Edge collars for MDF and MDP Tecmatic  [unavailable

Machine code: 865-754

Brand: Tecmatic

Edge collars for MDF and MDP.

Brand: Tecmatic.

Model: T-100.

For glue, undo and refill....
Router CNC Delta
Router CNC Delta  [unavailable

Machine code: 125-435

Brand: Delta

CNC Router.

Brand Name: Delta.

Model: D2515.

Working range: 1500 mm x 2500 mm.

Spindle motor with 3 hp.

Year: 2016.

With little use.

Used for manufacturing MDF furniture, such as cribs, chests and tables.

Used for drilling and...
Wood cutter Usikraft
Wood cutter Usikraft  [unavailable

Machine code: 358-004

Brand: Usikraft

Wood cutter.

Brand: Usikraft.

To cut wood.

For furniture.

Speed: 50 sheets of wood per work period....
Wood edge sander Tecmatic
Wood edge sander Tecmatic

Machine code: 747-614

Edge glitter for wood veneers.

Brand: Tecmatic.

Model: T201.

Year: 2009.

Equipment for the production of furniture....
Router CNC Nina
Router CNC Nina  [unavailable

Machine code: 564-168

Brand: Nina

CNC Router Machine.

Brand Name: Nina.

Model: Gold 2.0.

Main features:

MDF table with full length grooves for fastening with tabs, double-sided tape or pinning.

High performance vacuum table (optional to the table with grooves) which el...
Furnace for EVA Sazi
Furnace for EVA Sazi  [unavailable

Machine code: 842-211

Brand: Sazi

Furnace for EVA.

Brand Name: Sazi 756.

Year: 2009.

To work with EVA....
Sawing machine for the manufacture of wooden plates Itamaq
Sawing machine for the manufacture of wooden plates Itamaq

Machine code: 044-761

Brand: Itamaq

Sawing machine for the manufacture of wooden plates (opening and cutting trunks).
Brand Name: Itamaq.
Machine totally reformed.
Retrofiting performed.
New electrical panel.
Great state of preservation....
Planer blowing machine 5 axis
Planer blowing machine 5 axis  [unavailable

Machine code: 342-728

Brand: Omil

Planer blowing machine 5 axis.
Brand Name: Close To 1,000.
Model: PMO 240.
7.5 cv engines.
command Panel.
Pressure settings of the trailing roller tyres.
In perfect state of conservation....
Heat drying furnace
Heat drying furnace

Machine code: 224-633

-Drying oven heat....
Rolls to print wood shafts
Rolls to print wood shafts

Machine code: 246-002

Brand: Sorbini

Roller for printing of wood shafts in MDF or MDP.

Machine has double printing roller.

Brand: Sorbini....
Double edge Sander CEFLA/Sorbini
Double edge Sander CEFLA/Sorbini

Machine code: 363-574

Brand: Maclinea

-Double edge Sander with refilador and two groups of sandpaper.
Brand Name: Maclinea....
Bandsaw machine
Bandsaw machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 325-533

Brand: Starrett

Brand: Starrett.
model: 3001 and 5001.
in good condition.
bandsaw machines for metal cutting (bars, squares, blocks, tubes).
Used for cutting of materials in General....
Packaging Machine brand Pack
Packaging Machine brand Pack  [unavailable

Machine code: 312-223

Brand: MaquinaPack

In which area this equipment is used or can be used.
the principle he was acquired to do packing of furniture, the purpose of the machine is packing large/medium size volumes.
Packs in plastic and bubble k12k *
* tunnel measures (mouth) 1.70 x 0...
Industrial drill CEFLA/Sorbini piston 04
Industrial drill CEFLA/Sorbini piston 04

Machine code: 848-850

Brand: Maclinea

Industrial drill CEFLA/Sorbini piston 04.
revised In full operation....
Band saw Schutzen
Band saw Schutzen  [unavailable

Machine code: 285-207

Brand: Schutzen

Band saw.

Brand: Schutzen....
Coleiro Nordson
Coleiro Nordson  [unavailable

Machine code: 506-527

Brand: Nordson


Brand: Nordson....
Machines for joinery
Machines for joinery  [unavailable

Machine code: 200-552

Brand: Rocco

Professional drill press mod. FB-160 drilling ø 16 mm m/motomil
radial Drill mark rocco model r50
cnc Plasma-12-mts model hsd130 (located outside the shed) without compressor
global Transformer manuf. 10/8/13-kva 30/60 Hz No. 13800 1 volt. 380/...
Kraft-Multilâmina lyne
Kraft-Multilâmina lyne  [unavailable

Machine code: 452-125

Brand: Kraft Line, Kraft-lyne

circular saw Year-2006
capacity-40 m linear/min
Multilâmina designed for the manufacture of plywood and lamella profile hard and soft wood, saws scribers in side of square grooves, width 2600 mm, a...
Wood dryer sets
Wood dryer sets  [unavailable

Machine code: 032-302

Brand: Leogap

Wood dryer sets
brand-Model MC-100
year Marrari Automation-2000Capacidade-40 M ³
hair dryer for saturated steam, application: wood, leather, grains, painting etc. fans and superior heat exchanger, temperature control through wet and dr...
2:00 pm 1 Wood dryer sets
2:00 pm 1 Wood dryer sets  [unavailable

Machine code: 540-700

Brand: Leogap

2:00 pm 1 Wood dryer sets
brand-Model MC-100
Marrari Automation Year-2000
capacity-185 M ³
hair dryer for saturated steam, application: wood, leather, grains, painting etc. fans and superior heat exchanger, temperature control throug...
Coladeira Rotorbinder
Coladeira Rotorbinder

Machine code: 203-271

Coladeira Model Year Manufacture-1985
Minimum Format-50 x 100
Maximum Format-250 x 420
Note: 10 Drawers, frequency Inverter 220V

Woodworking machinery
Woodworking machinery  [unavailable

Machine code: 125-202

Brand: Maclinea

Machines are all installed and wired. They are the charts 6 months because we decided to back all our production for doors and jambs
-Transfer Switch-Oven below c/10 lamps-uv-uv Oven Oven inside

Biomax Briquetadeira 95 / 210
Biomax Briquetadeira 95 / 210  [unavailable

Machine code: 877-038

Brand: Biomax

Equipment with 800 hours of use (semi new).
Press for biomass.
Transforms all kinds of vegetable waste such as sawdust, wood chips and wood chip in ecological firewood.
Produces, for 8-hour shift, 14 to 16 tonnes of firewood. ...
Machines for joinery
Machines for joinery  [unavailable

Machine code: 004-242

Bandsaw with a 60 cm.
Circular with cart and 02 meters slide.
Large 2.5 Folding meters.
beam saw Grinder.
1 x 1 m Router
Sander Wheel Great.

Envernizadora Calender Type
Envernizadora Calender Type

Machine code: 421-000

Brand: Tornoaço

Envernizadora calender type, new, with 60 cm mouth, brand Tornoaço., very robust. ...
Industrial Woodworking Machines
Industrial Woodworking Machines  [unavailable

Machine code: 803-044

Brand: Kraft Line

brand: kraft line
year: 2008
dimensions: 1.25 wide, 3.00 long and 1.25 in height
N: 524-208/02
Mark: South America distributor
year: 2008
model: FMC-HV-105X17F
dimensions: width, length and 4.30 0.55 1.25 tall
Industrial Drill Schulz
Industrial Drill Schulz  [unavailable

Machine code: 208-362

Industrial drill Schulz 16 bench Schuz TorqueFuradeira FSB FSB 16Com 1/2 HP motor 110 or 220 VMandril of 5/8 "

Planer Shaper-stroke 800 mm
Planer Shaper-stroke 800 mm  [unavailable

Machine code: 355-603

Planer Shaper-stroke 800 mm used
40-ton hydraulic press

Steel table saws
Steel table saws  [unavailable

Machine code: 020-604

Steel table saws and electric key.
Pneumatic chop saw with steel and electric key table....

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