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Telescopic manipulator JCB
Telescopic manipulator JCB

Machine code: 480-587

Brand: JCB

Telescopic manipulator for 4 tons.

Brand Name: JCB.

Year: 2016.

It develops its activities in construction works to elevate loads and tools. The telescopic manipulator is used for handling and lifting, organizing your stock or even speeding ...
Tile press 12 m
Tile press 12 m

Machine code: 686-501

Tile press 12 m long by 1300 mm wide....
Line for the manufacture of floors Paver MJMB
Line for the manufacture of floors Paver MJMB

Machine code: 804-476

Brand: MJMB

Line for the manufacture of floors Paver.

Brand: MJMB.

Capacity: 400 u / h.

Year: 2015.

Equipment for the automated manufacture of Floor Pavers, for use of conventional raw materials and for compounds in reuse of materials classified as t...
Line for the production of concrete tiles
Line for the production of concrete tiles

Machine code: 553-205

Brand: Walle Máquinas

Line for the production of concrete tiles.

Brand: Walle Machinery.

Year: 2014.

Production: 2,000 units per shift.

The equipment works for less than a year.

To start the operations lack an air compressor and forms for the tiles....
Vibro hydraulic press Tprex vp 200
Vibro hydraulic press Tprex vp 200

Machine code: 482-304

Brand: Tprex

Vibro hydraulic press for floors and concrete blocks.

Brand: Tprex.

Model: VP 200 - 4 tp 0017.

Equipment renovated by owner.

For the manufacture of interlocking concrete blocks and floors....
Calender for copper wires PRB
Calender for copper wires PRB

Machine code: 441-858

Brand: PRB

Semi-new two-wire metal wire drawing

Brand: PRB.

Year 2013.

Input: 1.45 mm or 1.83 mm.

Output: 0.28 mm at speed 16 m / s.

Automated with 20% elongation.

Production capacity current layout: 55 kg / h. For wires from 0.28 mm to 16 mm....
Slurry pump and viscous liquids SUNNDA
Slurry pump and viscous liquids SUNNDA

Machine code: 341-480

Brand: Sunnda

Slurry pump and viscous liquids.

Brand: SUNNDA.

Model: SDF 1000.

Power: 1000 hp.

Course: 250 mm.

Pulse Buffer: k 20.

Safety valve: PSV.

Motor pump: Chindong diesel engine, 12 cylinders.

Engine model: PZ12V190B.

Power: 475 h...
Line of mortar (construction)
Line of mortar (construction)

Machine code: 168-170

Grout line composed by:
-7824 X 610 mm power Mat-reversible.
-support involves carrier part sand aggregate silo.
-three-phase Motor 7.5 HP 220 380 B5D poles 4.
-Bonfigl W110U 1:15 Reducer P112 B5.
-feeding Mat 610 x 8000 mm.
-Purpose clas...
Mini Excavator Terex
Mini Excavator Terex

Machine code: 554-066

Brand: Terex

Mini Excavator.

Brand Name: Terex.

Model: TC37.

Year: 2010.

Hours: 2.936.

Area / Industry where you can work: Civil Construction in general.

Productivity: Depends on terrain and operation....
CIBER paver
CIBER paver

Machine code: 504-515

Brand: Cifali

CIBER paver.
Cifali Manufacturer Model VDA621.
hour meter 6700 hours.
Year 1997.
Mark Motor MWM 229-D--6
3500 Engine hs and made reform in 2009
3500 Transmission hs and made reform in 2009
hydraulic pumps Replaced in December 2014 ...
CIBER paver
CIBER paver

Machine code: 000-811

Brand: Terex

CIBER paver.
k12k * Manufacturer Terex. * VDA421. * Model k12k * 4600 hours. * k12k hour meter * Year 2006.
Mark MWM Engine D-229-4.
Motor with 6 hours after retirement in January 2015.
k12k * hs 5032 Transmission * hydraulic pumps Made 2013 ...
Motor grader Caterpillar
Motor grader Caterpillar

Machine code: 255-463

Brand: Cartepillar

Motor grader.

Make: Caterpillar.

Model: 120 H.

Year: 2008....
Caterpillar Excavator
Caterpillar Excavator

Machine code: 884-805

Brand: Cartepillar, Cat

Excavator Caterpillar k12k * 365C * Model.
hour meter 18000 hours.
Year 2007/2009.

Track Tractor Komatsu
Track Tractor Komatsu

Machine code: 033-435

Brand: Komatsu

Tractor treadmill.

Brand: Komatsu.

Model D30.

Year: 1987....
Grader Dresser
Grader Dresser

Machine code: 111-133

Brand: Dresser

Grader Dresser.
model A855.
Year 1993....
Road roller
Road roller

Machine code: 634-035

Brand: Cartepillar, Cat

Manufacturer Caterpillar.
CB534 Model.
hour meter 5982 hours.
Year 2002....
Road roller
Road roller

Machine code: 361-373

Brand: Volvo

Manufacturer Volvo.
k12k * Model DD16. * hour meter 1087 hours.
Year 2008....
Machine for moulding Cold Box
Machine for moulding Cold Box

Machine code: 253-655

Brand: Vick

Machine for moulding Cold Box:
equipment is complete for use, including:
module, aerator and mixer is Vick brand.
the command panel, destorroador, vase, table, filter is Equifund brand.
is included also a silo....
Rotating machine Foundation with soil Auger
Rotating machine Foundation with soil Auger

Machine code: 088-400

Brand: Bambozzi

Rotating machine of soil to foundations with Auger of 0.25 cm and 0.30, cm depth capacity until 9.00 m.
set of machines with hydraulic system with outriggers and a rear side and motor-10 HP Tower and the other of 3 HP.
With auxiliary winch to do ...
Building materials company
Building materials company

Machine code: 311-366

Company of construction materials, paints, Processed timber industry, where one makes everything you need in the construction of houses...
Scaffolding Machine
Scaffolding Machine

Machine code: 431-083

Scaffolding Machine....
Plant for the production of concrete blocks and floors
Plant for the production of concrete blocks and floors

Machine code: 341-842

Plant for the manufacture of concrete blocks and floors.


Automatic dosing table with:

03 Bays of raw material storage.

01 Baia with scale and PLC.

01 Silo with capacity for 30 tons of cement....
Caterpillar 323dl
Caterpillar 323dl

Machine code: 022-261

Brand: Cartepillar, Cat

Caterpillar 323dl
year: 2008
hours of operation:. 3.228 hours, * k12k,
air conditioning * stick: 2.90 meters, claw hammer, line
track shoes: 600 mm, protection, weight: 25 tons

Caterpillar 345dl
Caterpillar 345dl

Machine code: 371-814

Brand: Cartepillar, Cat

Caterpillar 345dl
year: ten. 2009, hours of operation: 6.800 hours.
air conditioning, central lubrication,
ready for work, technically and optically like new

Mobile Pistoneio
Mobile Pistoneio

Machine code: 615-770

Mobile Pistoneio.
uses: oil wells of low productivity, Wells water injectors (cleaning), tests on oil wells closed long ago to the current BSW scan etc.
technical characteristics:
Can pistonear up to 1,550 m depth
Elevation of up to 3, 5 m 3 ...
Concrete mixer
Concrete mixer

Machine code: 220-310

Concrete mixer

Land Planing machines
Land Planing machines

Machine code: 144-526

Land Planing machines
1. New hydraulic Ditch cleaning bucket
Bucket dimensions:
width: 200 cm
height: approx. 60 cm 2. Digging bucket 580
82.5 cm wide
Depth: approx. 90 cm
mounting screws: 7 cm diameter
the distance between the pivot ...

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