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Delgo grain packing batcher
Visualizar Vídeo Delgo grain packing batcher

Machine code: 136-173

Brand: Delgo

Components: BHS, Bonfiglioli, Coel, Instrutek, Lapp Group, Moeller, OMRON, Pial Legran, Siemens, Steck, Telemecanique, WEG

Weighing dry grain dosing machine.

To pack grains, nuts, peanuts, among others.

Manufacturer: Delgo.

Model: DG-2000.

With 12 positions / lines.

With molds for 250 g and 500 g pots.

With scale and Weg controller.

Principais compon...
Automatic labeler for flat bottles
Automatic labeler for flat bottles

Machine code: 410-650

Components: Schneider, SEEKA, Steck, STM, WEG

Automatic labeler for flat bottles.

Head brand: Bauch Campos.

Equipment has a vial aligner.

Main components:

Motors brand: STM do Brasil, Bonfiglioli.

CLP: Seeka RP3 - 24T.

Track frequency inverter: WEG CFW 08 and Schneider.

Dosing filling machine for Delgo bottles
Visualizar Vídeo Dosing filling machine for Delgo bottles

Machine code: 021-830

Brand: Delgo

Components: Atos, Bonfiglioli, Festo, Moeller, Steck, WEG, Wesen

Dosing filling machine for bottles, flasks and pots for beverages and yogurt.

Brand: Delgo.

Model: MON - L.

Year: 2012.

For 500 ml up to 1000 ml.

Dosing system by volumetric cylinder and pneumatic force.

With aluminum seal applicato...
Automatic labeling machine for flat products
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic labeling machine for flat products

Machine code: 886-504

Brand: Bauch Campos

Components: SEW, Siemens, Steck, WEG

Automatic labeling machine for flat products.

Brand: Bauch Campos.

With two heads.

Entire stainless steel, including frame.

With wheels for mobility, and adjustable feet.


WEG CFW 08 frequency inverter.

Steck and Sieme...
Blister machine aluminium Paludo
Blister machine aluminium Paludo

Machine code: 847-546

Brand: Paludo

Components: Steck, WEG

Blister machine aluminium.

Brand: Paludo.

Built in polished stainless steel.



Brand: Steck.

Frequency inverter.

Brand: Weg.

Model: CFW 08....
Complete line for filling liquids Tecman
Visualizar Vídeo Complete line for filling liquids Tecman

Machine code: 574-601

Brand: Tecman, Wada, Zanasi

Components: Helishun, Norma, OMRON, Siemens, Steck, THS, Voges, WEG, Weidmuller

Complete filling line, with bottle lungs, bottle feeder, filling machine, threading machine and output accumulator table.

Brand: Tecman.

Year: 2014.

Stainless steel cabin equipment.

Current formatting (estimate): cylinders with 500 ml.
Line for manufacture dampened wipe
Visualizar Vídeo Line for manufacture dampened wipe  [unavailable

Machine code: 776-853

Brand: Gmg, Novel Tech, Rotopel

Components: Allen-Bradley, Automotion, Hitech, Siemens, Steck, Toshiba, WEG

Machines for the manufacture dampened wipe.

Production: Packages with 50 and 100 (20x15cm).

With automatic label applicator opens and closes.

Composed by:

Automatic flow-pack wrapping machine.

Brand: GMG.

With 5 m length by 1,5 m wi...
Sachet filling machine Emzo
Visualizar Vídeo Sachet filling machine Emzo  [unavailable

Machine code: 382-524

Brand: Emzo, Merz System, Siemens

Components: Boston, Festo, Loti, Marve, Schneider, Siemens, Steck, Telemecanique

Packing of sache for liquids.

For packaging liquid and even semi-solid products.

Com system and valves cut drops "rechupe".

Current format: 15 ml.

Pressure closing capacity rotac: 12 tons.

Horizontal sealing capacity 320 mm.

It work...
Rotary filling machine for glue in stainless steel Delgo
Rotary filling machine for glue in stainless steel Delgo  [unavailable

Machine code: 401-324

Brand: Delgo

Components: Festo, Norma, Steck, WEG

Rotary filling machine and capper for glue, or pasty viscous products.

Brand: Delgo.

Stainless steel machine.

Formats and stars for 40 g, 80 g and 90 g.

The system works with only one star, the format change is practical.

For glue jars...
Label Maker Silk Mac
Visualizar Vídeo Label Maker Silk Mac  [unavailable

Machine code: 336-748

Brand: Silk Mac

Components: Delta, JNG, Kalatec, Metaltex, Steck

Applicator of labels.

Brand Name: Silk Mac.

Model: BPC 02.

BCP 02: Semi-automatic labeling machine, flat and cylindrical.

Applicator head of labels driven by stepper motor and sensor.

With CLP.

Semi automatic system.

Labeling mac...
Cartoner machine Vertopac IWKA
Cartoner machine Vertopac IWKA  [unavailable

Machine code: 146-037

Brand: Fabrima, IWKA

Components: Evocryl, OMRON, Sense, Steck, WEG

Vertical carton.

Brand name: IWKA, German.

Model: Vertopac.

Condition: Retrofit.

Equipment similar to Fabrima Vertopac.

Parts that come in contact with the product in stainless steel.

With magazine system for feeding disassembled bo...

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