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Tablet capsule counter in stainless steel
Visualizar Vídeo Tablet capsule counter in stainless steel

Machine code: 866-574

Components: Delta, Loti, Metaltex, Panasonic, Schneider, SEEKA

Tablet capsule counter in stainless steel.

Vibrating rail feeding system with 10 tracks and 1 sensor per track.

System with 1 vibrating pan to match the gutter system

Parts in contact with the product in polished and common stainless steel. ...
Bin column mixer type V or Y mixer
Visualizar Vídeo Bin column mixer type V or Y mixer

Machine code: 700-084

Brand: Consolid

Components: Metaltex, MW, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, WEG

Bin column mixer type V or Y mixer.

Manufacturer brand: Consolid.

Bin model: MEC 50.

Year: 2011.

Equipment acquired as "unused" or "little used".

Current bin capacity: 50 kg.

Elevation column data.

Model: 2 100.

Capacity: ...
Drying oven in carbon steel Armando Vilardo
Visualizar Vídeo Drying oven in carbon steel Armando Vilardo

Machine code: 300-218

Brand: Armando Vilardo

Components: Metaltex, Siemens

Drying oven in carbon steel.

Brand: Armando Vilardo.



Metaltex brand controller.

Model: TM-DS.


Note: No trays....
Blister sealer by treadmill
Visualizar Vídeo Blister sealer by treadmill

Machine code: 484-343

Components: Delta, Fluir, JNG, Ls, Metaltex

Blister sealer for chain and belt.

Machine to seal the back of the plastic blister, with mat to insert the materials, feed the product with packaging, and automatic sealing press.


Delta VFD - E.




Laboratory chamber for heating Biopar
Laboratory chamber for heating Biopar

Machine code: 202-231

Brand: Biopar

Components: Metaltex

Laboratory chamber for heating with forced air circulation.

Brand: Biopar.

Model: S80ar.

Watts: 800 W.

Voltage: 220 V.

Amperage: 3.63.


Metaltex brand temperature controller....
Automatic horizontal cartoning machine Zanasi Fema
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic horizontal cartoning machine Zanasi Fema  [unavailable

Machine code: 264-260

Brand: Fema, Ima, Zanasi

Components: Delta, Metaltex, Mr Severo, Siemens, Telemecanique

Automatic horizontal cartoning machine.

Brand: Zanasi Fema.

Equipment to pack rigid products in cartridges.

Fully mechanical system.

Intermittent system with 1 insertion arm.

Magazine to arm cartridges.

Estimated production: 60 unit...
Automatic glass ampoule closure Maqpeças
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic glass ampoule closure Maqpeças

Machine code: 621-742

Brand: Maqpeças

Components: Delta, Eberle, JNG, MCE, Metaltex, Micro, SEEKA, WEG

Automatic glass ampoule closure.

Brand: Maqpeças.

Model: LL.

Year: 2006.

Equipment built in stainless steel with polished parts.


Micro CP 10.

WEG electric motor.

Keys JNG DZ47-63.



Delta VFD ...
Cartoning machine CAM
Visualizar Vídeo Cartoning machine CAM  [unavailable

Machine code: 812-848

Brand: Cam, Campak

Components: Metaltex, Moeller, Schrack, Telemecanique, WEG

Cartoning machine.

Brand: Cam, Campak.

Horizontal carton system with cartridge magazine disarmed.

Product input mat with mechanical arm to insert the product into the package.

Output mat with closure.


WEG Inverter.

Label Maker Silk Mac
Visualizar Vídeo Label Maker Silk Mac  [unavailable

Machine code: 336-748

Brand: Silk Mac

Components: Delta, JNG, Kalatec, Metaltex, Steck

Applicator of labels.

Brand Name: Silk Mac.

Model: BPC 02.

BCP 02: Semi-automatic labeling machine, flat and cylindrical.

Applicator head of labels driven by stepper motor and sensor.

With CLP.

Semi automatic system.

Labeling mac...
Mixer for powder 50 L Consolid
Mixer for powder 50 L Consolid  [unavailable

Machine code: 207-350

Brand: Consolid

Components: Bonfiglioli, Metaltex, WAMGROUP, WEG

Powder blender mixer.

Brand: Consolid.

Model: MH - 50 L.

Average production: 200 kg per hour.

Condition: New never used.

Type: Horizontal blade blender.

With a capacity of 50 liters or 40 kg (d = 0.8), made of stainless steel AISI-3...

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