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Cetro Sachet packing machine
Visualizar Vídeo Cetro Sachet packing machine

Machine code: 531-426

Brand: Cetro

Automatic sachet packer 3 solders for pastes.

Semi-automatic filling machine for pasty products.

Model: EV.PASTNM100.

Brand: Scepter.

Pneumatic piston system.

Approximate filling volume: 10 to 100ml.

Voltage: 220V.

With single sp...
Bench top filling machine for pastes Cetro
Visualizar Vídeo Bench top filling machine for pastes Cetro

Machine code: 128-715

Brand: Cetro

Semi-automatic countertop stainless steel filling machine for pasty products.

Brand: Scepter.

Approximate filling capacity: from 10 to 100 ml.

Approximate production capacity: from 600 to 1500 bottles/hour.

Approximate Dimensions:

Automatic L-shaped sealer Cetro
Automatic L-shaped sealer Cetro

Machine code: 162-754

Brand: Cetro

Automatic L-shaped sealer.

Brand: Scepter.

With L-shaped sealer and shrink tunnel.

220 V Biphasic Equipment

1.5M treadmill....
Cetro Packing machine for filling sachets
Cetro Packing machine for filling sachets

Machine code: 163-573

Brand: Cetro

Packing machine for filling sachets.

Brand: Cetro machines.

Year: 2021.

For liquids and semi-pasty from 9 to 10 mm.

Estimated production: 900 to 1,200 units per hour.

With 70 mm and 80 mm format.

With photocell and date....
Linear filling machine with 12 filling nozzles
Visualizar Vídeo Linear filling machine with 12 filling nozzles

Machine code: 057-323

Brand: Cetro, Henac, VideoJet

Linear filling machine with 12 filling nozzles.

Brand: Henac.

Year: 2020.

Lung tank with 120 liters.

With mat and rotary HDPE capper.

Bottled product: Sanitizing and alcohol gel.

Filling machine with 2 nozzles.

Brand: Scepter.
Cardboard box closure machine Cetro
Cardboard box closure machine Cetro  [unavailable

Machine code: 008-720

Brand: Cetro

Cardboard box closure machine.

Brand: Scepter.

Year: 2017....
Line for fresh pasta ravioli
Line for fresh pasta ravioli  [unavailable

Machine code: 852-517

Brand: Braesi, Cetro, HMT, Italvisa

Components: WEG


Upgrade: Made by HMT automation, control panel with WEG inverter, 220 V three-phase to 220 V single-phase.

Capacity: 50 kg / h.

Brand Name: HMT.

Voltage: 220 V.

Quick masseira.

Brand: Gastromaq.

Capacity: 5 kg / cycle...
Liquid filling machine
Liquid filling machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 205-700

Brand: Cetro

Liquid filling machine.

Brand: Scepter.

Pneumatic cylinder filling machine.

Year: 2020.

Volume cylinder from 1000 ml up to 100 ml.

Technical Specifications: Air Compression: 400L / min 0.6 Mpa.

Production capacity: 1200-3000 bottles...
Cardboard box closure Cetro
Cardboard box closure Cetro  [unavailable

Machine code: 168-304

Brand: Cetro

Sealer for box with tape.

Mark Scepter.

Model: Flex 5050.

New equipment....

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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