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Incalfer vegetable peeler 2000 kg
Visualizar Vídeo Incalfer vegetable peeler 2000 kg

Machine code: 785-735

Brand: Incalfer

Vegetables peeler.

Manufacturer: Incalfer.

Model: P60.

Approximate capacity: up to 2,000 kg.

To peel vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beetroot, chayote and the like, by abrasion (on the sides and disc).

With superior drive system ...
Candy line industry
Candy line industry

Machine code: 128-670

Brand: Braslaer, Haas, Incalfer, NKS, Tedesco

Line for the production of sweets such as quindim, queijada, brigadeiro among others.

Composed of the following equipment:

Cooker for sweets.

Brand: Braslaer.

Batcher for brigadeiro and sweets in general.

Brand: Incalfer.

Drip dispe...
Appetizer maker Incalfer
Appetizer maker Incalfer  [unavailable

Machine code: 613-655

Brand: Incalfer

Automatic shaping machine for salting.

Brand: Incalfer.

Model: Formax 5400.

Machine in operation with only 2 and a half years of use, maximum production capacity of 5400 salted per hour of up to 25 grams, the equipment allows to manufacture ...
Line continues to produce chips Incalfer
Line continues to produce chips Incalfer  [unavailable

Machine code: 700-621

Brand: Incalfer

Line continues to produce chips Incalfer.
Capacity: 300 Kg/h (finished product).
Composed by:

-primary screw-Feeder Used reviewed.
Receiving silo potatoes totally built in stainless steel 304.
Screw conveyor (helical) built in stainless s...
Line for processes of preparation of meats and vegetables
Line for processes of preparation of meats and vegetables

Machine code: 060-821

Brand: Ata, Frigomaq, Incalfer, Sondex

Components: WEG

Sondex plate heat exchanger standard with plates in stainless steel AISI-316
heat exchange station smart-heat model with sondex plate heat exchanger mounted.
knives and sharpeners sterilizer Frigomaq
spray for disinfecting hands Frigomaq
Equipment for cutting vegetables and long foods Incalfer
Equipment for cutting vegetables and long foods Incalfer  [unavailable

Machine code: 538-476

Brand: Incalfer

Equipment for cutting vegetables and long foods.

Stainless steel.

Brand: Infalfer.

Model: MMT.

Designed to cut foods like: Cucumber, Carrot, Zucchini among others.

Estimated capacity: 200 to 600 kg / h.

Production varies according t...
Automatic forming of sweets and cookies Incalfer
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic forming of sweets and cookies Incalfer  [unavailable

Machine code: 627-638

Brand: Incalfer

Automatic forming of sweets and cookies
2500 Evolution model-maximum capacity production 2500 units of Brigadier, kisses and cajuzinhos/hour (being of 15 to 35 grams) and with variation of product weight of 15 grams to 100 grams.
-01 cylinder and...
Empanadora Incalfer
Empanadora Incalfer  [unavailable

Machine code: 044-055

Brand: Incalfer


Brand: Incalfer.

Model: ECC200....

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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