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Packing machine for bale packets
Visualizar Vídeo Packing machine for bale packets

Machine code: 684-573

Brand: Raumak

Packing machine for bale packets

Brand: Raumak.

Model: RK 10,000.

Current format: One column 500 g packages.

Year: 1998.

Machine Measurements:

Height: 2.10 / Length: 1.55 / Width: 1.60.

Large treadmill: Length: 4.00 / Width: 0.40...
Raumak vertical packaging machine
Visualizar Vídeo Raumak vertical packaging machine

Machine code: 858-802

Brand: Raumak

Vertical volumetric packing by conveyor.

Brand: Raumak.

Each machine has 3 formatter tubes

One big, one medium and one small

There are then a total of 6 formatter tubes

Have treadmills

It has 4 stainless steel funnels

And in tota...
Raumak Package
Raumak Package

Machine code: 670-681

Brand: Raumak

Vertical filling Raumak with mat and formats for packaging bulk products.
year 1990....
Vertical package Raumak
Vertical package Raumak

Machine code: 738-380

Brand: Raumak

Vertical packaging.
Raumak Brand.
With mat and formats for packaging bulk products.
Year 1990....
Raumak packaging machine for powder products
Raumak packaging machine for powder products

Machine code: 388-511

Brand: Raumak

Packaging machine for powder products.

Model: Multi Baler 300.

Manufacturer/brand: Raumak.

Year of manufacture: not included.

Quantity: 2 units....
Vacuum coffee machine
Visualizar Vídeo Vacuum coffee machine  [unavailable

Machine code: 402-814

Brand: Bosch, Fabrima, JM Mecanica, Leogap, Macafe, Masipack, Raumak

Line for the production of vacuum coffee.

Coffee roasting.

Sets of green coffee silos composed of elevators, threads, buckets and scales with a capacity of 250 scs of green coffee each.
Brand: Leogap.

Brand: Leogap.
Model: T 420...
Automatic carton erecting machine Raumak
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic carton erecting machine Raumak  [unavailable

Machine code: 385-243

Brand: Raumak

Automatic carton erecting machine.

Brand: Raumak.

Model: Silver line.

Equipment reformed by Raumak, post reform has little time of use.

With two operating modules.

Module 1: Arrange the carton of the magazine.

Module 2: Product feed...
Automatic packing for carton box Raumak
Visualizar Vídeo Automatic packing for carton box Raumak  [unavailable

Machine code: 111-210

Brand: Raumak

Automatic packing for carton box.

Brand: Raumak.

Model: Boxer Line Silver....
Baler for packages
Baler for packages

Machine code: 818-035

Brand: Raumak

Baler for packages such as coffee, sugar, beans, grains, farofa and other products.

Brand: Raumak.

Year: 1998.

Production: 60 packages per minute....
Packing machine Raumak
Packing machine Raumak  [unavailable

Machine code: 141-152

Brand: Raumak

Raumak Baler.
Model: RK10000.
Year: 1999.
Fong: 10 x 10 x 500 g and 1 kg....
Baler Raumak
Baler Raumak  [unavailable

Machine code: 021-161

Brand: Raumak


Brand: Raumak.

With treadmills.

2 Model formats Multibaler 300, without use.

Structure in carbon steel SAE 1020 with special treatment and anticorrosive.

Painted with electrostatic epoxy powder paint.

Dry pneumatic system.
Packing Machine bean
Packing Machine bean  [unavailable

Machine code: 547-305

Brand: Matisa, Raumak

Packing Machine.

Brand Name: Raumak.

Capacity: 2kg with drawer doser.



Packing Machine....

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