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Salting and sweets making machine Braslaer
Salting and sweets making machine Braslaer

Machine code: 621-132

Brand: Braslaer

Sweet and savory forming machine.

By mass extrusion system and tweezers.

Brand: Braslaer....
Styling for burger
Styling for burger  [unavailable

Machine code: 355-377

Brand: IMD

Biscuit shaping/Burger.


-Cookies/buttered cracker.

-Cookies/cookie canines.


-cookies 12.3 oz.



Production capacity 300 kg/h .

Note: Used for the production of various types of...
Shapes for chocolate bunny
Shapes for chocolate bunny

Machine code: 353-364

Brand: Dr. Ing. Kaupert KG

Printing press of chocolate bunnies with shapes, Santa molds and bunnies.

Brand Name: Dr. ing. Kaupert kg.

German origin.

Measures 2.22 height x 2.70 width x 1.08 length....
Automatic cookie molder
Automatic cookie molder  [unavailable

Machine code: 386-575

Automatic cookie molder.

Diameter: 200 mm.

Roll speed: 9.5 r.p.n.

Frequency inverter can be installed.

Production normal speed: 680 cookies / minute.

Shape dimensions: 315 mm by 680 mm.

Composed of molding roll, drag roller, product...
Food Moulder Maqtiva
Food Moulder Maqtiva  [unavailable

Machine code: 251-286

Brand: Maqtiva

Food processor.

Brand: Maqtiva.

Model: SR 2.0.

Year: 2015/2016.

To make kitchen, kibbe, croquettes, balls, pillow, rolled of sausage, churros, cheese bread and gnocchi, for salted from 8 g up to 180 g.
Equipment Dimensions: 80 cm x 80...
Snack maker Aliment
Snack maker Aliment  [unavailable

Machine code: 516-035

Brand: Aliment

Salting Molding Machine.

Brand Name: Aliment.

Model: Silver 2.0.

The machine produces 5g salty snacks.

The machine works with 1 filling, however, you can mix ham and cheese, chicken with cream cheese, allowing to vary the filling.

Parts forming for 110 cycles per hour Rigo
Parts forming for 110 cycles per hour Rigo  [unavailable

Machine code: 616-833

Components: Siemens

Vacuum Forming Parts - Thermoforming.

Thermoforming machine, equipment with campanula.

Bush Transfer vacuum pumps for parts removal.

Monilamine for cutting edges.

Mat for removal of parts.

It has two thermoregulator, with double table ...
Hamburger maker
Visualizar Vídeo Hamburger maker  [unavailable

Machine code: 072-374

Brand: Intermec, Sampafi

Hamburger Trainer.

Brand Name: Intermec

3 Cavities.

Capacity: 300 kg hour.

Burger maker.

Brand: Sampafi

Model: SP 50.

Capacity: 130 kg hour....
Molding machine for biscoitos
Molding machine for biscoitos  [unavailable

Machine code: 531-001

Molding machine for biscoitos.

Butter cookies.

Canine Biscuits.





Capacity: 300 kg / h....
Modeling of industrial bread
Modeling of industrial bread  [unavailable

Machine code: 105-872

Brand: Siam Util

Modeling of industrial bread
Mark siam Triphasic
product used  ...
Hebleimar HEX 600 candies forming
Hebleimar HEX 600 candies forming  [unavailable

Machine code: 300-125

Brand: Hebleimar

Rotary candy maker.

Brand: Hebleimar.

Model: HEX 600....
Moldadeira for mozzarella Biasinox
Moldadeira for mozzarella Biasinox  [unavailable

Machine code: 141-000

Brand: Biasinox

Mozzarella molding machine.

Brand: Biasinox....

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