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Food processor

Chiacchiera, Dianna, Geiger, Glunz & Jensen, Hellman, Robot Coupe, Stephan,
Tumbler vacuum for meat 800 L Chiacchiera
Tumbler vacuum for meat 800 L Chiacchiera

Machine code: 435-665

Brand: Chiacchiera

Tumbler vacuum massager for pigs, cattle, goats and other white meats, poultry, fish and seafood.

Process: Massaging, curing, maturation of meats, tempera, marina, dry salting, salting with humidity among others.

Machine with solid construction...
Industrial food processor Stephan
Industrial food processor Stephan

Machine code: 365-726

Brand: Stephan

Universal food processor.

Brand: Stephan Food Processing Machinery, manufactured in Germany.

Literature: 65 L.

Equipment jacketed to work with vacuum, avoiding formation of air bubbles in the mixture and increased shelf life.

Motorized sc...
Geiger jacketed processor stainless steel
Geiger jacketed processor stainless steel

Machine code: 247-204

Brand: Geiger

Industrial processor Geiger in stainless steel.
Brand: Geiger.
Model: UMM SK 12.
Engine: BD 90 l.
Rpm: 3500/1750.
Voltage: 220 Volts-3 stages.
Year: 2004.
Is an all-in-one machine that performs various operations in extremely short time...
Grinder Dianna in 304 stainless steel
Grinder Dianna in 304 stainless steel

Machine code: 218-127

Brand: Dianna

Processor/grinder Dianna in stainless steel 304.

-technical specifications:
grinder Motor: 5.0 HP.
power supply voltage: 220/380 v.
frequency: 60 Hz.
bucket Capacity: approximately 45 litres/40 Kg
approximate Length: 820 mm.
Universal food processor
Universal food processor

Machine code: 254-666

Brand: Geiger

Universal food processor.
Brand: Geiger.
With 40 litres capacity.
Stainless steel equipment, overhead door.

-Processes in one machine:
móe cut, mince, mix, emulsifica and kneads, all in a single operation.
Ideal for: vegetables, pures, ...
Universal processor mark Geiger
Visualizar Vídeo Universal processor mark Geiger

Machine code: 554-565

Brand: Geiger

Universal processor brand, with a capacity of 50 litres.
motor 7.5 HP

Renders in one machine:
móe cut, mince, mix, emulsifica and kneads, all in one single operation.
Ideal for: vegetables, pures, mayonnaise, gravy, creams,
dry products, ...
Fruit stainless steel pulper
Fruit stainless steel pulper

Machine code: 458-460

Fruit picking machine.

Stainless steel equipment....
Coconut grater and cheese
Coconut grater and cheese

Machine code: 620-630

Coconut grater and cheese...
Line for processing of leafy vegetables
Line for processing of leafy vegetables

Machine code: 550-571

Brand: Intellikit, Nilma, Robot Coupe, Selovac

Machines for processing of leafy, vegetables and fruits, washed, processed and packaged.

Composed by:

Centrifuge for leafy vegetables.

Brand Name: Nilma.

Model: Idrover 50.


Washing machine of vegetables, fruits and leafy til...
Food processor Geiger 1 12
Food processor Geiger 1 12

Machine code: 800-211

Brand: Geiger

Geiger 1 12.
Year: 2012.
The tank nominal capacity: 12 litres.
Average capacity/bath *: 7 kg....
Cutter for meat processing
Cutter for meat processing

Machine code: 537-558

Cutter for meat processing.
Used for manufacture of sausage pates and others.
This is new equipment, bought about two years ago, but not served for the manufacture of our product.
stainless steel Equipment.
Renders 25 kg....
Cutter with 130 litres capacity with full shaft
Cutter with 130 litres capacity with full shaft

Machine code: 786-004

Cutter with 130 litre capacity whole axis.
25 HP three phase Motor....
Cutter 130 litres 25 engine hellman's cv
Cutter 130 litres 25 engine hellman's cv

Machine code: 800-780

Brand: Hellman

Cutter 130 liters
three-phase Motor 25 HP
cast iron Bowl
good condition in operation...
Multiline 720
Multiline 720

Machine code: 220-611

Brand: Glunz & Jensen

Equipment: Multiline 720
Mark: Glunz ...

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