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Cooling tower

Alfaterm, Alpina, Annemos, Ata, Baker Perkins, Everest, KWCA, Polo Sul Máquinas,

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Water Cooling Tower Alpina
Water Cooling Tower Alpina

Machine code: 418-580

Brand: Alpina

Cooling tower for water.

Brand Name: Alpina.

With pump of 2hp and 3415 rpm.

Input and output 2.1 / 2 inches.

Measures: 2.16 m width 2.54 m length 4.40 m height equipment....
Complete food industry for sale various products
Visualizar Vídeo Complete food industry for sale various products

Machine code: 071-082

-36000 m ² in area, located at Km 232 return Washington Luiz, in São Carlos (SP).
-36000 m ² with infrastructure.
-Ideal for shopping, hotel, condominium, logistics, among others.
-central region of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.
-230 Km f...
Water cooling tower KWCA
Water cooling tower KWCA

Machine code: 546-275

Brand: KWCA

Water cooling tower.

Brand: KWCA.

Model: KWF-ST-G-150/1800 / 16C.

Year: 2005.

Hot water: 36 ° C.

Cold water: 28 ° C.

Wet bulb: 23.5 ° C.

Capacity: 2,000,000Kcal / h.

Flow rate: 250m³ / h....
Alpine cooling tower
Alpine cooling tower

Machine code: 787-100

Brand: Alpina

Cooling tower.
Brand Name: Alpina.
Year: 1998.
Model: 722 W20 24078.
Flow rate: 100 M ³/h.
1.000000 Kcal/hour.
Measures: 3,300 mm x 2.350 mm x 2400 mm....
Alpine Tower/Mecalor chiller
Alpine Tower/Mecalor chiller

Machine code: 770-181

Brand: Alpina, MECALOR

-Alpine Tower 2.70 x 1.40 in great condition.

-Mecalor chiller.
Year: 98.
Capacity: 45,000 kcal.
Refrig R 22.
Load 6 kg refrigerant circuit....
Blow Machine
Blow Machine

Machine code: 216-227

Blow industry.

3 Blower 5 liters.

1 Blower of 5 liters, simple cavity with the mold.

1 2 liter double cavity blower.

1 Blower of 1 liter, quadruple and triple cavity.

2 Mill a large of 500 m m and another of 300 m m.

2 Material mixe...
For machine manufactures fondant with cooling tower
For machine manufactures fondant with cooling tower

Machine code: 862-883

Brand: Baker Perkins

For machine manufactures fondant with cooling tower.
Year 1993.
Mark manufacturer: Baker Perkins.
production 500 kg day....
Cooling tower
Cooling tower

Machine code: 666-687

Cooling tower.

Cooling capacity of 5,000 L / h....
Cooling tower Alfaterm
Cooling tower Alfaterm

Machine code: 118-080

Brand: Alfaterm

Cooling tower Alfaterm
model: ASP 4/5/10 k12k 420/BGA * *
Alpine Cooling Tower
Alpine Cooling Tower

Machine code: 586-164

Brand: Alpina

Cooling tower 1300 x 1300 x 2000.
Alpine Brand...
Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower

Machine code: 803-042

Brand: Alpina

Cooling Tower 2400 x 2400 x 2800 mm.
Alpine Brand....
Line for extrusion of cereal bars Inbramaq
Line for extrusion of cereal bars Inbramaq

Machine code: 043-830

Brand: Annemos, ECOFLAM, Inbramaq

Components: Cestari

Cereal extrusion line for the production of snacks.
Brand: Inbramaq.
Year: 2000.
Capacity: 200kg per hour.

Vertical mixer of raw materials with conveyor thread.

Extruder with 50 hp motor. reducer

Cestari H-120 reduction 1-5.

Extruder t...
Pasteurizing machine Everest
Pasteurizing machine Everest

Machine code: 768-137

Brand: Everest


Brand Name: Everest.

Capacity: 80 L.

With cooling tower.

Pasteurize and mature milk and syrup for ice cream.

Complete plant for Bio Diesel
Complete plant for Bio Diesel

Machine code: 832-811

Brand: Ata, Tecitec

Complete Plant for Bio Diesel.
Unit: factory.

Pre-mix tank.

Capacity: 5 m 3.

Main reactor.

Capacity 35 m 3.

Dilution tank.

Capacity 24 m 3.

Decanter / heat exchanger.

Thermal area = 20 m 2.

Press filter.

Ice cream factory
Ice cream factory

Machine code: 066-718

Brand: Ata, Polo Sul Máquinas

Industry for Ice Cream Factory.

Brand: Polo south.

Brand: Polo south.
Weight: 15 Kg.

Weight: 5 Kg.
Quantity: 3 units.

HCM 50.
Brand: Danf...

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