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Apema, Arno, Atlas Copco, Bitzer, BOGE, Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll Rand, Madef, Maneurop, Martin Bianco, MECALOR, Piovan, Sabroe, Schulz, Wayne, Wayne Wetzel, Worthington,

Feiras 2023
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Air receiver mark Worthington Industries
Air receiver mark Worthington Industries

Machine code: 067-070

Brand: Worthington

Air reservoir.

Brand name: Worthington Industries.

For 0.85 cubic meters and pressure 8,8 kg cubic meters....
Sabroe compressor for ammonia with condenser
Sabroe compressor for ammonia with condenser

Machine code: 625-636

Brand: Apema, MECALOR, Sabroe

Components: WEG

Compressor for ammonia.

Manufacturer: Sabroe.

Model: CMO 16.

Working pressure: maximum 15 atm.

Engine: WEG 40 HP.

Apema condenser.

Model: SL - 30.

Capacity: 30 TR....
Sabroe compressor 116 liters
Sabroe compressor 116 liters

Machine code: 253-281

Brand: Sabroe

Ammonia compressor.

Manufacturer: Sabroe.

Capacity: 116 liters.

To make ice or for refrigeration....
Chicago Pneumatic diesel air compressor
Chicago Pneumatic diesel air compressor

Machine code: 585-447

Brand: Chicago Pneumatic

Diesel air compressor.

Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatic.

Model: CP 400Q.

Approximate capacity: 394 pcm at 7 bar.

Year: 2010.

For driving pneumatic equipment and general use in industrial processes.

Free discharge of 394 pcm (effectiv...
Martin Bianco screw compressors
Martin Bianco screw compressors

Machine code: 526-447

Brand: BOGE, Martin Bianco

Screw compressors.

Manufacturer: Martin Bianco (BOGE).

1 unit model SD 50-2.

1 unit model SRHV 470-10....
Booster air compressor
Booster air compressor

Machine code: 361-736

Booster air compressor....
Atlas Copco air compressor
Atlas Copco air compressor

Machine code: 780-230

Brand: Atlas Copco

Air compressor.

Manufacturer: Atlas Copco.

Model: GA15 ff....
Wayne air compressor
Wayne air compressor

Machine code: 303-448

Brand: Wayne, Wayne Wetzel

Air compressor 40 feet.

Brand: Wayne Wetzel.

Litter: 350 liters.

Engine power: 10 hp....
Compressor Bitzer
Compressor Bitzer

Machine code: 664-012

Brand: Bitzer

Bitzer compressor.

7 HP.

Model: VII.

Brand: Bitzer.

Without electric motor.

With 2 capacitors....
Chiller for 60 TR Piovan
Chiller for 60 TR Piovan  [unavailable

Machine code: 475-700

Brand: Piovan


Brand: Piovan.

Model: CHW 1800.

Capacity: 60 TR.

Voltage: 220 V....
Compressor with 125 hp Madef
Compressor with 125 hp Madef  [unavailable

Machine code: 780-447

Brand: Madef

Components: WEG

Compressor with 125 hp.

Pressure: 22 kg.

Engine: WEG.

Model 280.

125 hp.

1780 rpm.

Voltage: 220V / 380V....
3 stations with 2 compressors unit each
3 stations with 2 compressors unit each

Machine code: 726-128

Brand: Worthington

3 stations with 2 compressors unit each.
Working pressure 500 PSI.
Engine power 75 HP.
Mark: Worthington.
Year: 1973....
3 Block Compressors Vll
3 Block Compressors Vll  [unavailable

Machine code: 815-836

3 Block Compressors Vll...
Compressor condenser
Compressor condenser

Machine code: 650-571

Condensing unit equipped with compressor, electric motor and radiator....
Together with refrigeration compressor
Together with refrigeration compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 648-650

Brand: Maneurop

Together with refrigeration compressor, condenser and 12 HP Maneurop....
Bitzer unit for condenser
Bitzer unit for condenser  [unavailable

Machine code: 507-508

Brand: Bitzer

Bitzer unit for condenser block 7....
Compressor Motor Arno s.a
Compressor Motor Arno s.a  [unavailable

Machine code: 736-758

Brand: Arno

Compressor Engine Arno s.a.

60 HP.

1470 rpm.

Voltage 220 / 380 v....
Schulz piston compressor
Schulz piston compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 727-513

Brand: Schulz

Piston air compressor 60 feet.

Brand: Schulz.

Model: Fort MSWV 60/425.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 175 lbf/in².

Litter: 425 liters.

Engine: 15 HP....
Chicago Pneumatic air compressor
Chicago Pneumatic air compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 687-304

Brand: Chicago Pneumatic

Air compressor.

Brand: Chicago Pneumatic.

Model: DFR 118.

Year: 2011.

Volume: 51 liters.

Supply voltage: 440V.

Operating pressure: 15.30 bar....
Atlas Copco air compressor
Atlas Copco air compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 436-188

Brand: Atlas Copco

Air compressor.

Brand: atlas copco.

Model: ga45 ff.

Year: 2004.

Volume: 30 liters.

Supply voltage: 440v.

Control voltage: 220v....
Ingersoll Rand compressed air compressor
Ingersoll Rand compressed air compressor  [unavailable

Machine code: 161-552

Brand: Ingersoll Rand

Compressed air compressor.

Brand: Ingersoll Rand.

Model: SSR-EP350.

Operating Pressure: 125 PSIG.

Main Motor Power: 350 HP.

Fan Motor Power: 20 HP.

Capacity: 1,537 CFM.

Supply Voltage: 380V.

Command Voltage:Total Current: 569 ...
Chiller 56 TR Sabroe
Chiller 56 TR Sabroe  [unavailable

Machine code: 657-474

Brand: Sabroe


Brand Name: Sabroe.

Model: SMC 104 L.

Capacity: 56 TR.

Engine: 60 hp two stages.

Tension: 220 V / 380 V / 440 V....

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Feiras 2023
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