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Blister packing Cartoblis Pam Pac
Visualizar Vídeo Blister packing Cartoblis Pam Pac

Machine code: 363-503

Brand: ACG, Pam Pac

- Blistadeira.

- Brand: Pam Pac.

- Model: Cartoblis.

- Machine for manufacturing blister packs / medicine trays.

- It has tool set for different sizes and formats.

- Excellent condition.

- Machine formatted to work with alu + PVC....
Blistering machine Blipack
Visualizar Vídeo Blistering machine Blipack

Machine code: 226-561

Brand: Blipack

- Blister machine.

- Brand Name: Blipack.

Click here to download the manufacturer's manual
silkscreen Machines brand Larese
Visualizar Vídeo silkscreen Machines brand Larese

Machine code: 226-628

Brand: Larese

2 screen printing machines.

Brand: Larese.


1.45 height x 1.50 width x 1.75 length....
Carton line
Carton line

Machine code: 443-406

Brand: Marquipack, Minura, Prodema

Carton line.


Brand: Maquinapel, Sloter.

Dimensions: 2,200 mm by 1150 mm.

Scratch winch.

Dimensions: 2,200 mm.

Cut and crease.

Flat FKS-1000.

Coladeira manual.


Bowing bender.

Brand: Marquipack.

Packager Reams Wrapmatic
Packager Reams Wrapmatic

Machine code: 232-440

Brand: Wrapmatic

Machine: GRV/With feeder.
Brand: Wrapmatic.
Volt: 380/60 Hz.
Year: 1988.
Minimum format: 530 mm x 420 mm.
format Max: 1400 mm x 1000 mm.
minimum height: 80 mm ream
maximum weight: 40 Kg ream
minimum weight: 6 Kg ream
packing materia...
Curator/Dryer/UV Printer
Curator/Dryer/UV Printer

Machine code: 402-423

Brand: Bally

Curator/dryer UV-Bally.
4.6 meters long and 1 meter wide.
silkscreen Printer automatic, semi-automatic and manual IMA.
Measuring 600 mm x 800 mm....
Two-color printer Printer Reinker
Two-color printer Printer Reinker

Machine code: 881-803

Brand: Reinker Printer

Two-color printer Printer Reinker...
Set of graphic machines
Set of graphic machines

Machine code: 653-675

Brand: A.Baumhak, Hamada

-Printer Hamada E47S bicolor 47 x 32.5 format
-a drill with a drill
-Label half-leaf plate CTP Plate 3000
Writer-Fiber folding machine
-cast plate recorder Machine el 24-b
-bend Baumhak
... Stapler treadle industrial
table Stapler-Gu...
4 color printer Hamada B4 52A
4 color printer Hamada B4 52A

Machine code: 543-045

Brand: Hamada

Hamada printer 4 colors * 52A k12k B4 * maximum size 520 x 360 mm paper
minimum size 257 x 182 mm paper
With 140 x 100 mm option
126 Numerator Two water roller gears...
Cardboard mark Sheeter Strachan Henshaw
Cardboard mark Sheeter Strachan Henshaw

Machine code: 000-411

Brand: Strachan

Cardboard mark Sheeter Strachan Henshaw
Serigrafica Dubuit Adisca
Serigrafica Dubuit Adisca

Machine code: 073-085

Brand: Dubuit

Automatic screen printing machine
brand name: Dubuit
Adisca for CD, DVD, Smart, etc.
production of up to 400 objects/Hour in 4 colors
With Uv Drying...
Troqueladora 2 - Blumer El ATLAS D-18.M
Troqueladora 2 - Blumer El ATLAS D-18.M

Machine code: 870-444

Brand: Blumer

Troqueladora 2-Blumer

Use: graphical Industry this machine, stamps, packaging and does final finishing in labels, with different types of patterns and formats.

Ideal for beer labels. Machine in excellent condition, semi new, very little use. ...
Original silkscreen machine Dubuit
Original silkscreen machine Dubuit

Machine code: 104-844

Brand: Dubuit

Original silkscreen machine DUBUIT
60 automatic Model year 98 of 1 color without registration
With simple barrilite produces 3500 parts/hour and with the powder keg 7000 peãs/time produces double with conventional drying
this machine Dubuit Ori...
Heidelberg Printer
Heidelberg Printer

Machine code: 068-413

Brand: Heidelberg

format entire sheet offset machine, Heidelberg brand, in perfect working order, used in the State, with the following characteristics:
-Heidelberg brand model Sorsz
1986 year-maximum format 72 cm x 102 cm
-2 * k12k color *-

Machine code: 822-300

Brand: Stork

1, 60 m WIDTH * 4 k12k * 2 * k12k RESERVES WORKING PUMPS * 2 MIXERS (SCOUTS of folder)


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